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  1. General Technical
    Hi, So I'm looking to get a lwb t4 for a camper conversion. What mechanical issues should I look out for when buying one? Also, I'm planning on taking it across to mainland Europe so I dont want to have any breakdowns when over there, which parks should I replace to ensure reliability when on...
  2. General T5 Chat
    Hey guys new to forums. My T5 2.0l T28 SWB has 163000 miles (84ps 5 speed version) - realistically what mileage could I expect to get from this kind of van as I am contemplating converting this into a camper. What are the common faults to be aware of on this particular van?? Thanks in Advance...
  3. General Technical
    Within the very short period of ownership of my T4 I have had my fair share of troubles, most of these problems could have been avoided if i had known what and where to look for, thing is you only look up the problem once it has occurred and any damage is done. So here's the plan; I'll write...
1-3 of 3 Results