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  1. ebay scammer???

    The Pub
    Hi Guys Wondering if any of you ever had dealings with a guy called Scott Barnett aka as Tricked-up-t4 on ebay? He claims to be from Yorkshire. I placed a bid on a T4 gearbox a short while ago and arranged to pay the cash into his account to pay for it. I then went to check my ebay email and...
  2. IS THIS A CON???? Trying to buy a puppy!!!

    The Pub
    Hi All, as you may know doing a deal with the missus. I get 18" Alloys and she gets a puppy. Anyway, After day's of trawling the net we came across this advert for a Pomeranian on itsmymarket.com for puppy in Bristol for £100. After emailing him to tell him we were interested he sent this back...
  3. Latest Con, by email

    The Pub
    Received this by email today, God knows how they got my addy and knew i was into dubs but there we go. This is either the deal of the century or a con. What do you think?????? Below is the email i was sent and the attachments on photobucket. Display name was: Am Me Email addy was...