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  1. Electrical
    Just got a complete professional leisure rewire done to my 2010 T5. I see the CTEK charging unit has a "conditioning" mode and just want to check that I can connect to mains via the hookup and leave it running overnight on the conditioning mode, or is there a specific time this needs to run...
  2. General T5 Chat
    After the help I received last time here thought would put another issue on here... done a forum search but can't find exactly the same issue... Basically my dashboard heater blower switch will work fine on 3 out of 4 positions (air blower and AC) but not in the 'three o'clock' position which...
  3. Electrical
    As it says on the tin. My 888 X-Pack has it all bar air-con and the kids are melting... "Close the windows dad ,it's tooo nooooooisy" ....... "I'm tooooooooooo hot now dad". :( Get the picture - love my van, wan't air-con. Anything considered second hand VW parts, aftermarket kit, whatever...
1-3 of 3 Results