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  1. The Pub
    I am sure some of you have been getting involved in the home camping in our vans and tents to raise money for NHS staff. I just wanted to spread the word as another is taking place this Saturday if any of you want to get involved, it's so fun to camp at home and imagine you are away somewhere...
  2. General Van Chat
    What’s your favourite grub to knock up in the van. Biryanis are mine. One pan, quickish, filling and blooming tasty.
  3. Life Style
    Here I am selling our Cobb Premier cooking system. Included in the sale are all the extras we have purchased as well including frying pan, griddle and roasting rack. These extras weren't cheap. The Cobb itself comes with the original grill plate, fire bowl and the carry bag. Everything comes...
  4. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all Hope you can help, although realise this is a T4 forum. We're a family of five, with a nine, six and one year old, and we've decided we want hit the open road with a VW camper or Caravelle. I guess we want it all really: day trips to the beach and the ability make a brew. Weekend...
  5. Wanted
    I swapped mine for some insulation thinking I would be able to get another from our local recycling centre but they are not allowed to sell them any more. I'm off to the New Forest next weekend camping with the forum and I need one for next weekend. I live near Portsmouth and can collect...
1-5 of 5 Results