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cooling fans

  1. No current to thermoswitch

    My van's a 1994 T4 2.4 diesel. Problem is that the radiator fans are not coming on, even when the temp gauge reaches three quarters. I've disconnected the 3-pin connector from the radiator thermoswitch and expected one of the wires to be live, but it's not. The 30A fuse (labelled Cooling Fans)...
  2. cooling fans not working

    General Technical
    After owning my van for over a year ive not had the cooling fans come on :confused: never bothered me as temp is spot on always in the middle when warm, but working on the van a few days ago with engine running on tick over for 30-40mins on a hot day after a 20 min drive with temp in middle...
  3. COOLING FANS NOT WORKING - 2.5 Petrol 1992

    General Technical
    Hi All, My cooling fans are not coming on....help needed. I allow the temp gauge to reach 3/4 and still no sign of the fans kicking into life. I have checked no19 fuse (30A blade fuse) and the 2 fuse's behind the passenger head light (50A). I have also replaced both temp senders, I'm sure...
  4. Cooling fans not kicking in - easy fix??

    Engine & Gearbox
    I only noticed this the other morning due to sitting in traffic for 40 mins at the end of a journey - and only then when the red light started flashing....... It seems the fans aren't kicking in, so I'm guessing either a dodgy connection or thermostat issue - can anyone give me some pointers...