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  1. Flush fitting roof fan?

    Has anyone managed to find a roof vent fan which is more or less flush from the outside? Ideally no more than 2cm raise, 5cm max. Looking for a powered fan, one at each end probably to create a tunnel effect. Dont want to go over 2m total height for my van, so I can still get in my local...
  2. Radiator fan (1) always on, AC not working (again)

    Hi guys, I have a bit of an issue with my T4. ACV, 1998, manual AC: the radiator fan starts immediately upon starting the engine (only 1 fan) and keeps running until I shut the engine down. The fuses are okay, what could the issue be? All ideas appreciated as I am in Senegal with the car now...
  3. Improving aircon and heating to rear of van

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Total newbie here, first time on the forum. T: I have just bought my first VW, a T4 LWB panel van:ILU:. I am converting it to a family/dog friendly vehicle, windows, seats and storage in the back etc... My question is, will the aircon/heating in the front for the van be enough for...
  4. Afn lower radiator hose to vr6 radiator help needed

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey I have a 97 lwb t4 originally it had a vr6 now it has a 1.9tdi afn It has an external oil cooler so the adapter plate above the oil filter makes the filter stick down quite a bit farther than stock. Does anyone know of a good lower radiator hose that I could use to get around the upgraded...
  5. T4 Coolant turning black?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, complete noob here... Been to see a van & I have a question... Why would the new red coolant in the expansion reservoir of a cooling system turn black? The van in question is a 2.4d which has had a Volvo turbo upgrade & T5 head. Thanks in advance!
  6. air con suggestions

    I have a 2001 T4 2.5tdi with factory fitted aircon. Following a known leak I've had the dryer and the long pipe to the dryer replaced and other main components checked before repump. Only problem is no cold air now - well also several serious hundred squids down too. The reputable repairer...
  7. 2.5tdi air con fan noise terribly loud !? HELP!

    General Technical
    hi my 2.5tdi caravelle air con makes a terrible racket when i turn it on ? i was driving along air con on nice and cold all good when BANG! , followed by a terrible sound from the fans . the noise goes when i turn off the air con as the fans stop but when i turn it on its awful , what controls...
  8. T5 2.5 owners beware of waterpump failure

    General T5 Chat
    Ok this is just a warning about the waterpump on these engines.If the waterpump should fail it empties all the coolant into the oil system resulting in a total mess that is very difficult and expensive to rectify.Until the last few weeks i have not come accros this problem before but i have seen...
  9. how do I bleed coolant system 1.9td

    General Technical
    hi, how do I bleed the coolant system on a 1.9td please? did the glow plugs on my t4 today. first time I'd done it on a t4...seriously tricky! anyway...thought the sensor with wires was getting in the way so pulled out the circlip and removed it...very silly! lost the coolant. have now done an...