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  1. New conversion - On a budget

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all New to the forum and I have a couple of questions that have been probably been asked and answered a million times. Basically I am soon to buy a VW Transporter SWB van (hopefully no older than 8 year old) and wanting to convert it. Having spent a lot of time in U-Shaped campers we...
  2. Dmf Clutch and slave cylinder replacement in Christchurch 03 102bhp acv t4 caravelle

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, i have a confirmed leaky slave cylinder, as it's a 2003 t4 102bhp acv engined caravelle it has the slave cylinder in the gearbox so might as well suck up the cost and have the lot done in one go…anyone got a ballpark figure and a recommendation for a local specialist to replace the dmf...
  3. Camper conversion electrics cost ideas

    Hi out there, My conversion is a t the stage where I need to obtain quotes for my camper electrics. I need a leisure battery with hook up and everything you need to run a smev 9222 with water pump, a 3 pin plug and a dvd tv. Based on that can anyone suggest what it should cost? Thanks for any input.
  4. Window tinting prices?

    General T4 Chat
    We want to get the window's in our barn doors tinted but have absolutely no idea of prices or where to go! :* Can anyone give us an example of how much it would cost? / How much it has cost you? And even recommend a company to us? T: It would be much appreciated! :ILU:
  5. Good price?

    What's it worth?
    Hi. I am a new poster to the site but have two posts going already (in about 15 minutes). I am test-driving my first vw tomorrow and would welcome this Forum's opinions on the price set for the van. It is a 2001 T4 2.5TDi LWB with factory-fitted high-top and double doors that reach up the...
  6. looking to sell but unsure how much

    What's it worth?
    So I bought myself an LT35 and now looking to sell my van and trailer. Want to put them up for sale in here but its hard to go firm on a price?? I know its all about who likes what and what its worth to them please be as brutally honest as possible with what you reckon its worth, that way I...
  7. EGR Blanking, Warning Light and Remap

    Engine & Gearbox
    Sorry for bringing this up again but I got lost in the other threads:* lets call it newbie lack of knowledgeI: Just fitted the EGR blanking plate on a 2006 2.5TDI and the warning light is on and i've got three questions 1. Should I drill a hole in the plate to fool the sensor? does this really...
  8. How much should lowering springs cost to fit???

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi All, This is my first ever post as I picked up my van only last friday. My wallet is empying faster than I could have ever imagined but I am feeling a connection to Bertie (the name given to my new toy) already. I have bought the 55mm lowering kit from Just Kampers and have been looking...
  9. vw t4 1991, 1.9d... power steering??

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, im looking into (desperately wanting!!) a vw t4.. I've found the perfect blank canvas but was wondering if power steering can be installed into it?? if so at what cost? :* any other info anyone can give me on this van would be great! mpg, other running costs, upgrades etc etc :) cheers...
  10. Starting from scratch!

    General Van Chat
    Hi All, I am as green as grass to this forum, but i'm a fast learner so please forgive my lack of knowledge! Im in need of some help, I have a budget of 7.5 - 8.5 k to have a nice t4 swb camper conversion, which will have to be classified as a camper - to benefit from cheaper insurance. I...
  11. Whats She Worth

    What's it worth?
    Hey You Guys........ Its coming to the stage that i am thinking of selling my beauty as I want to start all over again. Its become more of a hobbie than a Van. So with this in mind i need to gauge what shes going to fetch and who better to ask but you lovely lot.... Theres a couple pics...
  12. Where to buy a T4, In the U.k or Germany?

    What's it worth?
    Hello All! This being my first thread, I hope I've posted it in the right place and that my questions are not too common....... I'm looking to buy a T4 transporter quite soon but I'm not sure of the most cost effective way to do so. It seems that £2000 - £5000 would get me a good reliable...
  13. Perfect T5 Camper Conversion

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, I'm new so please go easy on me..... Essentially, I need a T5 camper to go mountain biking and skiing around Europe, I have read many many threads on this great site but need some specific advice to save me valuable 'conversion time'. Can anyone answer the following YES/NO questions to...
  14. £475 power steering rack + labour

    Steering & Suspension
    Have been leaking fluid and bad clunking noise from drivers footwell, took it to a garage i'd been recomended and they seem dub friendly, lots of sweet bugs and campers. They told me i need a new rack and have quoted £475 + labour :eek: (2002 2.5tdi). Is this expensive? Have no idea how much it...
  15. Guess how much my service, cambelt and other work came to?

    General Van Chat
    Guess how much my service, cambelt and other work came to? Local garage, not main dealer. 1996 2.5 petrol Caravelle Annual service with brake inspection Clean idle boost valve Renew engine cambelt, tensioner & coolant pump Renew auxilary belt roller Renew brake fluid & n/s rear Brake...