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  1. Cut tailgate rear threshold cover to fit barn doors?

    Why do all these plastic covers cost so much?!? I'm trying to find a plastic rear threshold cover for barn doors for less then £40. Some of the tailgate ones seem to be a bit cheaper - can I cut bits off the tailgate model to fit barn doors? :*
  2. 98 T4 Westfalia California rear seat plastic cover

    Hi, I'm hoping some one can advise me on where i could find a replacement part for a 98 VW T4 Westfalia California. Me and a few friends recently rented this camper and unfortunately the camper suffered a little damage to the plastic surround which is below the rear seats, please see the...
  3. External Thermoscreen (Silver) VW T5 2003–2015 & T6 2015 on

    Parts For Sale
    Quality Just Kampers product. External thermoscreen screen cover, fully insulated and quick to fit – the rear edges simply slide over the top corner of the cab doors of your VW T5 built from 2003 to 2015. According to the JK website they also fit the T6 2015 onwards. Ideal for use when...
  4. Hi All , Engine Bay Covers

    New T5 Members Forum
    Does anyone have an engine bay cover or know where I can get one please T:
  5. Top Battery Cover Part Number

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi. Does anybody have the part number for the top piece of the battery cover - the piece around the fan intake? I think it seems to come in 3 parts and I have both the bottom piece and the side piece. I can find replacement parts for these pieces online but not the top bit. See photo below...
  6. Waterproof pop top cover

    T5 Conversions
    Any opinions? A VW California owner just showed me his new waterproof cover for his pop up roof. He was concerned about the waterproof capability of the pop top fabric and had paid £250 for this roof topper. It attached via elastic ties to clips inserted into the rails on both sides of the van...
  7. Options For Cover

    Hi. I'm interested in options for covering the b-pillar area where the seat belts hang from. The bulkhead in my T4 was removed by a bunch of bodgers and they left bits of sharp metal exposed. What are the options for covering the whole B-pillar area? Are there replacement pieces that can be...
  8. Leather Steering Wheel Cover - Fits T5 Facelift (2015)

    There are a lot of leather steering wheel covers on the market but they all seem to say they only fit up to 2009 T5 or 2012. We have just bought a brand new T5, does anyone have a link for a cover that will fit our van or advice on whether older ones will actually fit? Thanks T:
  9. T5 Stainless door handles, tailgate handle & numberplate cover

    Parts For Sale
    Stainless door handle kit A simple yet super stylish upgrade for your VW T5 Transporter, Caravelle or VW Caddy. Supplied as a 4dr kit (for those that have a twin sliding door). Manufactured from quality stainless steel and hand polished for a high shine look. Simple to fit, they will require...
  10. WANTED inspection hole/bell housing plug/cover

    I'm in need of a rubber plug/cover for the inspection hole on my ABL engine as at the mo there is a gap where I can see the timing belt. I'm pretty sure anything off a golf or passat will fit? If anybody is breaking a van or has one lying around please get in touch with me. Many thanks...
  11. Wanted: T4 Single Front Seat Cover/Seat

    Wanted: T4 Single Front Seat Cover/Seat I'm looking for a single front seat cover from a late T4, any condition, to use as a template for retrimming the front seats of my van. Anyone got anything? I was given some before but the trimmers messed up the job & got rid of the covers I'd supplied...
  12. T4 bonnet liner /cover

    Hi I'm after the liner/cover that goes underneath the bonnet lid, with clips if possible. I have a pre96 2.4 but it has had a 1.9tdi golf engine put in. (not sure if that makes a difference at all?) thx Dave
  13. Wanted: T4 Captains Armrest Cover & Headrest Cover

    I'm looking for an armrest cover for a captains chair for a T4 and a cover for a headrest, any condition, to use as a template for retrimming the front seats of my van. Anyone got anything?
  14. Wanted: T4 Single Front Seat Cover/Seat

    Wanted: T4 Single Front Seat Cover/Seat I'm looking for a single front seat cover from a T4, any condition, to use as a template for retrimming the front seats of my van. Anyone got anything?
  15. T5 plastic interior wiper cover trim tailgate model

    I am after the black plastic cover that goes over the wiper motor on the inside of the t5 tailgate..cheers !!!
  16. Alternative Headrests?

    Hi, does anyone know of any Black (any material) headrests that fit a 2001 T4? We have some make do covers to last this year whilst we get the rest of the van sorted before eventually retrimming the captain seats but although the seat covers are OK, the headrest covers are . I have tried the...
  17. Strengthening bar for behind T5 bumper

    Hi, I had a bit of a mishap and bent the bar behind my bumper cover, I understand that if you've got a towbar fitted this bar has to come out. I can't get my tailgate open as the bar has bent up under the cover and nearly pierced it, I need to remove it and to get the tailgate open and...
  18. cover

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, I'm after a cover for my LWB T5 as my next door neighbours trees are constantly dropping twigs, leaves and debris all over my beloved van plus the 2 pigeons that nest in it are crapping all over it (gimmie a gun!) Has anyone any ideas of where I can get one that will do the job. I want it to...
  19. Hand brake cover removal

    Hi, does anyone know how to remove the handbrake cover as I am trying to carpet it and I'm struggling. I see there us a hole on the underside and I have tried pushing the plastic inside but it doesn't come free. Am I missing something simple? Thanks Chris
  20. seat cover removal???

    hi all, does any one here know how to remove the factory seat covers so i can repair them-specifically the single seat??? if any one has any hints or better still photos i would much appreciate it. Thanks, CJ:T: