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  1. 1.9pd BRS crankshaft position sensor - broken wiring, need help with pinout

    Hi Ive just completed a rebuild on a 2007 Transporter T5, BRS engine code, 1.9 tdi pd. But I stupidly pulled the wires out of the crankshaft position sensor and I don't know which way they go back in... clumsy fool, i know. there are three wires on my loom, brown, black and white. I have...
  2. Crankshaft broke 1200 miles from home

    Engine & Gearbox
    So travelling to spain and our 97 1.9 td abl 250k miles on the clock brokedown, we was recovered to a garage where the mechanic really wanted to scrap our belovered vw that we have had for 15 years now. So the last resort was to get her out of there quick, so had the recovery company bring her...
  3. 1.9TD Engine Failure - Advice Please

    General T4 Chat
    Hello guys, Looking for some advice on what to do with my van. My 1.9td 1996 800 Special T4 broke down in late February of this year - had it towed to a local garage who identified a broken bottom timing pulley cog as the issue. Had this part replaced and also a new timing belt kit at the same...
  4. ETKA part number & Crankshaft Bearing Cap

    General T4 Chat
    Camshaft bearing cap - can it be replaced? I have just been looking for that old online ETKA link but it doesn't seem to exist any more. Or does it? Does anyone have a link for an online version? I have broke one of the Camshaft cover studs clean off and inside the hole/thread. I tried to...