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cruise control

  1. Multi function steering wheel

    General T5 Technical
    Hello All, I want to upgrade my steering wheel to accommodate simple volume control and more importantly cruise control. Is it recommended I can buy the wiring and steering wheel separate to make it cheaper? I've seen some for £700 etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
  2. Anyone help me activating Cruise control?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, thought I'd reach out and ask if there is anyone near me who would be kind enough to use their VAG COM lead to enter the code to activate my cruise control? Tried some leads off ebay but had no joy and can't afford/justify the £80 charge by VW to type in a few numbers! Any help would be...
  3. Cruise control problem need help

    New T5 Members Forum
    I have a t5 2.5 and the cruise control was working, now for the last 4 weeks it's been broke, when I turn it on from the stork no light comes on the dash at all, people have said to check the fuse, I have had a look through the manual and it does not mention nothing about cruise control...
  4. Cruise - too much ?

    So I've had my T5 looked at by an auto electric company and apparently the ECU whilst not 'the common one' is compatible with fitting cruise control. Having read a few posts I was expecting about 2-250 but have been quoted £360 (inc vat). As far as I know it's a case of getting the kit and then...
  5. ECU upgrade for cruise control 2008 T5

    Hi, I'm new to this site and to converting upgrading my soon to be T5 camper. I've been reading a few posts regarding retro fitting cruise control but may need to upgrade the ecu as well. Is this a plug and play job are is there more to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Retro-fitted VW Cruise Control Playing up

    Hi, I got a cruise control fitted at the local VW dealer about 8 months ago. It works OK at high speeds, but when I try to set it at 30mph it will accelerate, quite rapidly, up to as high as 40mph all by itself. Quite un-nerving, and in danger of getting me speeding tickets. I've asked about...
  7. Cruise Control Issue Now Resolved

    I have been having issues with the Cruise Control on my '07 Caravelle. It was often not switching on and when it did then cutting out an when I went over a bump in the road. It's a factory fitted CCS from new. I've now sorted this issue by replacing the Clutch Pedal Switch. An easy...
  8. CCS connection B441

    Can anyone tell me where I can find B441 (CCS connection main wiring harness). from the current flow diagrams it looks like a 4 way splice but who knows. Cheers
  9. 2007 T5 cruies control not working

    Hi, I've just bought a 2007 T5 shuttle but the cruise control doesn't working. I've check the clutch switch and the brake switch and both seem ok. to give me a clue to see what is going on can someone tell me if the CCS indicator should light as soom as you switch on the switch on the indicator...
  10. Golf Mk4 cruise control

    All Other Vehicles
    Hi guys, I'm looking at having cruise control fitted in my mk4 golf GT TDi. Anybody know of anyone in the south west that can fit them? I've seen a couple places online but they're all around London or up north. I live in Plymouth so am looking at somewhere around that area. I have read that it...
  11. 2004 VW T5 Campervan, T28 104 TDi SWB, Tornado Red

    Vans For Sale
    1896cc 104PS. Mileage: 82 k. MoT due 7 August 2014. Taxed till end August 2014. Tyres: Michelin Agilis 51. Extras: Cruise control, rear parking sensors. Well-maintained. Service history. One owner from new. Price: £18,500 Conversion by Vantec, Cumbria. Reimo elevating roof and Variotech bed...
  12. No main beam flash..........

    My van appears to have developed a fault with the main beam flash; noticed the other day that when I pulled the stalk to flash the headlights they didn't come on. With a bit of a 'wiggle' of the stalk I got them to flash briefly but not every time. They will latch on to main beam fine when I...
  13. Retrofitting cruise control with New ECU???

    Show Us Your...
    Hey guys I bought a T5 panel van 2008 1.9 model. I am going to try and fit cruise control but people say you cannot do it without the electric windows because that means it has the right ECU for the job. Therefore...my question is...has anyone done it by changing it to a correct ECu and how...
  14. T5 Kombi 2.5 auto fully loaded immaculate

    Vans For Sale
    Thanks for looking at my advert :) I am reluctantly putting up my beloved t5 for sale to try and downsize to a caddy (part ex considered) she is a lovely factory kombi not a home made jobbie. she comes with full service history has 78,000 original miles, i am the second owner, she comes with 8...
  15. Cruise ControlActivation.

    General T5 Technical
    Cruise Control Activation. Firstly three pictures of the web site (incase web site is down OR deleted ?) Alternatively go to http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Checking_Cruise_Control_using_Measuring_Values Top of Page - 1 Middle of Page - 2 Bottom of Page - 3
  16. ABS light, no speedo/cruise ctrl, fluctuating fuel gauge!

    Hi, I have seen some posts on this in the past but not really clear on what people done to sole these issues. I have a 2007 T5 174. Recently the ABS & traction control & handbrake light came on, along with an audio warning on start up. A few days later, the speedo stopped working, the fuel gauge...
  17. Help anybody got VAGCOM in Dorset area

    Hello everyone, I am hoping some kind person with VAGCOM might be able to activate my cruise control for some beer tokens. Or can someone point to a garage that doesn't charge a fortune. After following some of the great advice on hear I got the kit from VW and have fitted it already. I tried...
  18. 03 T4 888 Special White 2.4 TDI

    Vans For Sale
    03 T4 888 Special White 2.5 TDI Hi all, photos will follow shortly - waiting for it to stop raining! I'm very reluctantly selling my beloved T4. I'm partway through turning her into a camper, but money and work abroad stopped that, and now I'm off traveling and can't have my van sitting idle...
  19. New T5 owner from Cape Town

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi. An awareness that I would have to drive a Kombi has been growing over the last 3 years. I am 2m tall and with 3 sons aiming for the same height it became a necessity. My father drove 2 kombis (a 2.1 and 2.5l in the 80's). His reply when asking him why was the same. We were 2 girls and one...
  20. Cruise control....Will it work if

    I've got a cruise control stalk to fit and having read the tread on how to fit all seems like it should go ok. I fancy fitting it tomorrow but if I run out of time and don't get a chance to plug it into the computer to activate it, will there be any reason/possibilty that the lights, indicators...