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cruise control

  1. Electrical
    Is anybody on here a whizz with vag com and setting up cruise control in the north/mid cornwall area.So f....... off ................computers.......................cruise control......ahhhhhhhhhh...................i'm going to go to work and blow something up and make the world a happier place...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    Recently fitted a genuine Cruise Control stalk and wiring harness. Followed the instructions, local dealer switched it on, but it doesn't work. I object to forking out good money to dealerships when they seem to not know what they are doing. The techo said that the system requires a CONTROL...
  3. General T4 Chat
    Hello When the van was at Brickwerks Simon checked the cruise with VAGCOM, its all connected but not working! Reading the forum it may be a pedal switch, I have looked at both switches, noting obvious seems to stands out. Below are a couple of photos of the pedal assembly in my van, can...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    hi....i was wondering exactly what hte difference is between the cruise control systems available for the golf mk3, passat 3a and transporter tdi? They all appear to run the same stalks shape, size / dimention? and all 3 are tdi's? both the golf and the passat even share the same engine code...
  5. Electrical
    I have a 2002 2.5tdi 88bhp ajt. Can i just buy the cruise control kit and fit and acctivate with vag com. Or do some vans need to be checked to see if they are compatible ? I.E. Will they all have the socket behind relays that the cruise control loom plugs into ect ect ?
  6. Electrical
    Hi all just fitted my controls popped down to the local garage to actavate it went through it with him as he was not that clued up took some notes from on here regarding set up on vag com. No G be for we entered the code 11463 then when once entered G was there . shut down taken for test...
  7. Engine & Gearbox
    Help. Just phone colbornes van centre in Guildford.They quote approx £300.00 to supply and fit cruise control and then only if i have the right ecu fitted if not £600.00!!!!! Any one out there that can advise please.
  8. General Technical
    a friend of mine has just fitted his cruise control but when he took it to local vagcom guy he said he needed codes to activate it,does anyone know codes or what he has to do to programme it to ecu,cheersT:
  9. Electrical
    I have a factory fitted cruise control that is switched on by pressing a button on the end of the indicator stalk (Caravelle 2.5i petrol - 97). I realise that intermittent faults are very difficult to diagnose but if anyone has had a similar problem fixed, it would be great to hear from you. I...
  10. General Van Chat
    How to get cruise control for free. There are loads of threads on how to fit cruise control to the 2.5l T4. The parts start from about £60 and that got me thinking, it must be possible to get cruise control for next to no cost at all. Well I’ve done it; admittedly it’s not quite free as I...
  11. Electrical
    :ILU:Hello has anyone bought one of the kits of ebay or should i go to maindealer, and will they need vag com to activate , please give me any advise on the subject, i would prefare to fit myself, thanks.
  12. Electrical
    Any one know if i can fit thye aftermarket VW type cruise control into my tdi Auto? Will it change down to maintain speed and then resume speed and top gear on the flat??? Any help appreciated! Thanks