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  1. Electrical
    Hi guys, I’ve had a look at fault finding the reason as to why my cruise control doesn’t work on here already. I’ve Plugged it in to vcds and checked all pedal switches and cruise control switches. They all operate perfectly. Someone said on fb that the issue can be due to feedback in the brake...
  2. Electrical
    Hi, I'm a relatively newbie. I've got a 2011 T5.1 Shuttle Diesel auto, with retro fit 'Rostra' cruise. I don't particularly like it and thinking of having an OEM cruise fitted. Before I do so, I'd like to talk to someone with a simlar spec engine/ box van to check that the cruise works in a way...
  3. Electrical
    Hello, i've recently bought second hand carravelle 2006 2,5 and encountered two issues regarding lever controls: 1) wiper control doesn't do anything in first up position - is it posible that the wiper-frequency-control has been retrofited? If so might it be, that it wasn't activated properly...
  4. VW Shows & Events
    Hi All, Just gauging interest for a road trip to BC 2015. There's a fair bit of interest for a group from Hampshire. The plan is fluid at the moment, travel up to Dover Thursday night, either tunnel on Tesco vouchers or early crossing on DFDS so it's cheap. Travel to Bad Camberg and hopefully...
  5. Electrical
    I've had my van re-mapped by Martin, T5 on 55 plate with 1.9 AXC, if I can I would like to add cruise, however will turning cruise on in the module affect my re- map?
  6. Electrical
    Bought an OE cruise control stalk and a VAG cable with VCDS-Lite software (supposedly the cable with the correct chip in it). Fitted the stalk and installed the drivers and software fine but when I plugged into my laptop it couldn't seem to connect. There were no instructions relating to this...
  7. Oxfordshire
    June's meet date falls on the day of the Stonor Park show, so lets go there! http://abvwcuk.moonfruit.com/stonor-park/4575529161 There's plans for a cruise over, details to be agreed. Speak up if you want in on that. There is a thread started by Steve Tazz on the forum for anyone interested...
  8. Oxfordshire
    So a plan has been hatched by Forum members of the Oxfordshire Parish to have a cruise out on Sunday 27th January T: Current destination is Nelsons Diner, Near Newbury - should be confirmed today T: at which point this thread will be updated with location details. There will be meet up points...
  9. General T4 Chat
    hello, we will be heading to RTTS for the show and shine. and was wondering if we could get a little cruise going, maybe from stives throught hayle and penzance to pick up some vans and all drive there together. Please answer this thread so we can arrange somthing T:
  10. English Regional Forums
    just thought id start this off for the t4 owners that live in and around tidworth of which there are a few of us T: maybe sort some cruise out or a chance to meet up and chat some time:*
  11. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all; Hope somebody may be able to help, took my T5 down to Innerleithen for a Mountain bike run On Saturday. Used cruise control on the way there all fine. On way home wouldn,t work ???? Any ideas? checked fuses all seem fine.:(
  12. The Pub
    Here you go hope I didn't miss any one :)
  13. Electrical
    Aftermarket wiring looms cruise, foglights, MFA's etc (link courtesy of Bangbus A:) https://www.carmediauk.com/store/Retrofit-solutions/Volkswagen/T4/
1-13 of 14 Results