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  1. T6 Conversions
    Anyone recommend a T6 converter in Cumbria or North Lancs? Also anyone done or seen a conversion that keeps access to twin side doors?
  2. VW Shows & Events
    I can't find this listed on the forum anywhere :* .. CumbriaVAG 2013 - 20th & 21st July Also on FaceBook Started off a couple of years ago at a small venue at the Heaves Hotel, but have noticed this year they have moved to the Westmorland show ground which is a bigger site with camping...
  3. New T5 Members Forum
    Well I have been a member on here for a coulpe of weeks and found loads of great info so far. I have taken collection of my T5 today and am looking forward to converting it over the next 12 months. Its a blue T5.1 T28 84ps. A:A: On the to-do list for the near future is alloys, lower, remap and...
1-3 of 3 Results