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cup holder
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  1. General T5 Chat
    I'm after a replacement cup holder, before scrolling through the internet, does anyone know if you can get one WITH-OUT the ash-try bit? as both the sprung ones on mine have broken (looks like a week point) as i'm a non smoker don't use it (and change never stays there very long) if the ash tray...
  2. Interior
    Hi. Does any company make a cup holder that replaces the ash tray for a T4 and where can I get one?
  3. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi just got my first VW T5 caravelle and loving it. Unfortunately the cup/drinks holder in the multi-function table is faulty. When pushed in won't spring out like the other side. Need to remove it to see what the problem is but don't know how. Any suggestions?? Great forum BTW as cruise control...
  4. Interior
    Anybody else feel like the cup holders in the T5 are just annoying?:mad:When driving you have to open the cup holder with the drink! its just not good, comparing to most other vans i.e. transit/vivaro where the cup holders are built into the dash board and not a little pully out thing. Has...
  5. Interior
    Got a single DIN double cup holder out of an 'N' Reg VW Polo and set about grafting it into the van. Really wanted a factory fit look. Had to stop for the afternoon to spend time with the family. Should hopefully finish it off tomorrow. Just have to sand a few more edges to get it to fit spot...
  6. Electrical
    I posted in Interiors about how I'd made repairs to the cup holder and put in an extra power socket while it was out of the dash. There was interest in seeing photos of this back in the dash, so here they are (additional photos in original post). Hope this is of interest to others frustrated by...
  7. Interior
    Having experienced cup holder death (right hand broke at the top, left hand at the bottom), and not fancying the price of a new unit that would be equally weak, I thought I'd have a go at fixing it. Success! T: I now have a fully functioning holder again, and while I was there I put in an extra...
  8. General T4 Chat
    Hello, So i got a cup holder out of an Mk4 Golf for my transporter.. Its a double cup holder and looks like the same size as a single head unit.. Which i thought i had free below the current head unit in my van.. I've removed the front facia from the heater and it doesn't seem like its...
  9. Interior
    Has anybody fitted a vag cup holder in the tray space under the stereo? Any pics??:ILU:
  10. Interior
    I've just been having a think about what we can do to use some space in our van. There is a big gap in front of the gear lever underneath the dashboard that could have some kind of caddy fitted into it. Ideally with a couple of cup holders and some storage for bits and pieces - maps, cds and...
  11. Interior
    Spent a couple of hours today fitting this cup holder, apart from it being a very slightly different colour it looks almost factory, a bargain and mucho usefull at £18. http://s943.photobucket.com/albums/ad273/bluethermal/?action=view&current=cupholder019.jpg
  12. The Pub
    Now my T4 dosen't have any form of cup holder in it...... Haven't been able to find a good sturdy one which I can stick my Starbucks in of a morning. But, I have found that the ashtray will hold the cup really well, no spills and it I do hit a bump the drips go straight into the ashtray, not on...
  13. Interior
    Anybody know of any VW cup holders which fit the T4 Dash?? Specifically for the later dash. I'm thinking of pop out holder to fill the space below the stereo.
  14. Interior
    what are my options, deperatley need somewhere to put my mug, its not ideal balancing a mug of coffee between your legs whilst driving... anyone come up with a mod that would suit ? nik
  15. General T4 Chat
    Spotted this at the Devon meet on Sunday I: Does any one know were i can get one from ?
1-15 of 15 Results