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  1. T6 Conversions
    So we had our T6 converted by a company and when discussing the design and layout of the van I asked about high level cupboards. I was advised that they were less than useless and not worth installing. I think that I am missing out on storage space no matter how small. What do people think? Are...
  2. Interior
    hi everyone, I'm currently converting and I've gone for the locker t trim type doors, I've come across a problem of the trim not staying in the groove I make with he slotter router bit, it first starts on the corners where it pops out and that causes it to start removing on the straight edges...
  3. T5 Conversions
    Has anyone got any pics of their furniture layout with a NAT Systems bed in the back please? The beds are great, but I am about ready to go ahead with the cupboards but want some inspiration as to the layout. Cheers in anticipation
  4. Interior
    Time to plan my cabinets and finalise a design. I cant decide which way to build them so im asking all who have how did you do yours? 1. 2x2 frame then attach panels or 2. Kitchen cupboard style. Is the 2x2 frame an overkill? or are the cupboard style strong enough??? Ive fitted many kitchens...
  5. T5 Conversions
    Hi, Can anyone recommend a T5 interior supplier/installer in the Dorset Area. We have a SWB T5 that we want to do some of the work on ourselves but are looking for the cupboards to be made as we can't find any detailed plans (with measurement) so that we can make them ourselves :-( We'd like a...
  6. Interior
    Hi all, I have just constructed a set of Ikea Faktum cupboards for my van and need some flush catch handles to finish the job, preferably in white :) Can anybody recommend any good suppliers and what size would I need for the Faktum cupboards?? Cheers
  7. T4 Conversions
    Hi people i am going to convert my van my self and i have spoke to a few local guys who have sort already done it they used ikea kitchen units now i have jut sat here and worked out what i need but the problem is i dont really no the best way on going about it because once the rnr bed is in...
1-7 of 7 Results