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  1. tailored popper fit curtains

    I've bought some popper curtains for my T4 Velle. Before I start to fit I'm wondering if any one has any tips as I don't want to end up with holes in the wrong places! I've searched the forum but can only find info on curtains with rails. These are the ones with poppers and self tapping screws.
  2. T5 Curtains...Kiravans or VanX

    T5 Conversions
    Hey :) Looking to buy some curtains for my van. I’ve seen Kiravans and VanX make some which look pretty decent from photos on the website and more or less the same price point.. What do you guys use/have? Not to fussed about the total blackout style ones as my windows are tinted so think the...
  3. Is it curtains for me?

    Hey guys, I am having a dilemma about curtains for my T5. I would really like blinds but they are SOOO expensive! So, everyone raves about Van-x curtains. Happy days. My question is, I have a sliding window behind the drivers seat, it is thicker than the other windows...do the Van-x curtains fit...
  4. Curtains help

    T6 General Chat
    Just recently had the rock and roll bed in the back and windows done, going on a camping trip very very soon and would like to get some sort of privacy going on, not really keen on the idea of drilling to secure the window curtains and need some help. cheers anyone
  5. Curtain Track recommendations please!?

    Hi guys, Looking for recommendations on a curtain track to bend around the T5 windows top and bottom. I am looking for rails only (not ready made kits with curtains) as I already have curtains made that I am looking to attach. I've seen pictures with the rail curving top and bottom of the...
  6. Cab curtains T5

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi all, thanks for your recommendations about the windows... I couldn't see how to find that post to thank everyone! Now we are in need of cab divider curtains and I am looking for some advice please. I don't want to go any but an expensive set of curtains for the cab as I would like to make my...
  7. Positioning of curtain rails

    T5 Conversions
    Good Evening L&Gs, I have ordered some custom designed curtains online and have 3x1.5m rails (which I need to cut to size) The question I have for you all is regarding the positioning of them! The rail behind the cab is straight forward. No issues there. The rail for the window on the...
  8. Curtains in a caravelle

    Hiya, Has anyone successfully fitted curtains to the caravelle sliding doors with the fitted sun blinds in place? Cheers LuLu
  9. Curtain rails for a T4 Caravelle

    I've a Caravelle, T4 2001. I want to fit curtains. Would you recommend curtain rails on the top and the bottom, or just the top, and what are the best ones to get. I think I'm handy enough to make the curtains, so I only need the rails. Any advice on curtains in caravelle's generally, much...
  10. Curtains and Boot Struts

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hello I've just recently bought a T4 Caravelle LWB. It has a VW bike rack on the back and the boot is rather saggy. Does anyone know if this is because of the weight of the rack, or would it be because the struts are old and have lost gas? Also, I want to get curtains for it so I can sleep...
  11. Curtains for a T5 shuttle??

    We are converting a 2008 T5 shuttle and we are keeping the plastic interior walls in place. This creates a problem with the 'regular' curtains you would use in a panel van. Does anyone have any advice / suggestions? Many thanks in anticipation.
  12. Help! Homemade curtain advice for silent gliss

    Hi folks This is my first post on the forums as my husband usually is the one trawling through for your fine advice- but today it's my turn... My latest task for our caravelle to camper conversion is to make the curtains, and I'm a bit stuck. We have bought our silent gliss tracks/hooks/gliders...
  13. Forum discount on Baimex curtains

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, just released a Forum Members only discount on Baimex Campervan Curtains as part our New Year Sale. Offer expires end January. Regular price £149 Forum members save 20% = £119.20 Use discount code T5FORUMBX at the checkout Offer covers Black & grey colours, VW T5 SWB curtains & VW T5...
  14. What do you think to these curtains?

    General Van Chat
    Ladies & Gentlemen, Pampervan custom interiors presents to you, our clever curtains.... These blackout curtains are screwed flush to the window so they fit past sliding doors, a range of colours for material & a range for the real leather frame are available, easy to fit...
  15. Silent Gliss Differences? 1012 v 1025

    Firstly can anyone tell me the difference between the Silent Gliss 1012 and 1025? (I see there is 1011, 1012, 1021 and 1025 and can't tell the real difference in any http://www.silentgliss.co.uk/go/Products/Hand+Operated+Curtain+Track+Systems/Light-weight+application+/1025 ) Which is the best...
  16. Curtains/rails

    T4 Conversions
    Hi folks. Just wondering what you guys embarking on conversions from a van use to hang curtains and how to attach them…….my van just had the wire with screw in hooks fitted but it looked naff so havent put them back up and the van conversion wont be finished for a few months anyway. Is there an...
  17. T4 Curtains/ Cab divider

    General T4 Chat
    Morning all, Does anyone know where to get a set of curtains and cab divider for my 92 T4 (2 windows and rear tailgate window) or have one for sale, my windows are tinted but my boss (the gf) wants curtains aswell so am now looking into it, (see what I did there!) Cheers all T:
  18. T5 Curtains with privacy glass???

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, I'm a newbie and would really appreciate some advice; I'm currently have a T5 converted into a camper and have specified privacy glass for the rear and side windows. My question is can you see through the privacy glass at night time with the interior lights on or do I need curtains too for...
  19. Black/Grey curtains back in stock @ Van-X

    T5 Conversions
    Hi there. Just thought I'd let you know that Van-x now have black/grey curtains back in stock A: - Have just ordered some side curtains and a tailgate curtain for our T5 that we're converting. Can't wait to get them fitted as we've been getting by with putting bubble foil insulation up at...
  20. Name of Autosleeper Curtain Tapes and Hooks?

    Love my Autosleeper but the interior looks like my nan's front room :) Can anyone tell me what make the curtain header tapes and clips are so I can get some slightly less scary curtains in please?