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  1. Not quite full width rock and roll bed

    Parts For Sale
    For sale is my rock and roll bed, it is bigger than a 3/4 width but not quite a full width, it 6 ft 3 when in bed form, comes with three foam cushions, (not upholstered). It is metal construction nicely made, no seat belts, but these could be fitted. Comes as seen in the pics, but without the...
  2. 3 Way Fridge and Caravan Cushions for sale

    Life Style
    I bought the following fridge and cushions from a fellow forum member a few weeks ago, planning to use them in my T4 conversion. Since purchased, I have (being female) changed the layout of the van completely from the original idea and therefore these are now surplus to my requirements, so...
  3. Foam Grades & Information

    LIGHT BLUE feel- FIRM usage - General seating, mattresses & contract backs class - Budget BLUE feel - HARD usage - Domestic seating grade, contract mattresses, office chairs class - Classic LIME GREEN (Just got this back in)T: feel - FIRM usage - Domestic seating grade, contract...
  4. Hi everybody, another newbie

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, my name is Del and im another newbie on here I will be after a T5 in the furture once I have finished off my to custom scooters. I hope I can be of help to, as I own Foam Wizards Ltd. in stourbridge and a few members on here have been into see me this is why I am after a T5 I have...
  5. Seat Foam

    not sure if this should go in here conversions or the wanted section :confused: but im after some foam to make the cushions on the new rock and roll, was wondering if theres any were cheep, if any one has an suggestions as to what type ,thickness ect i should be looking for and any handy tips on...