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  1. Custom Badge

    Customising / Modding
    Hi Folks Just wanted to say a thank you to Matt-T4MAT for the awesome custom made badge!!!!! chatted with Matt late thursday afternoon, badge came through post Saturday morning, and I am made up with it :) Our Daughter, Elsie Evans was born a two weeks ago. So to celebrate and custom her...
  2. Just joined

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, just joined this forum. have a T5 Kombi which I use for work and play. I've fitted a VW bulkhead to reduce noise etc, and would now like to cut a "door" to allow my kayak to fit through. I don't want to put it on the roof because I do overnights etc and want it out of sight. I'm looking...
  3. Crash repairs, and then some ;-)

    The Workshop
    Hi all, just started the repairs to my T4 after some :* drove into it:( Thought I'd post some pics, will be having quite a bit of work done on her, will be quite different hopefully when I'm done..........:D Before: The damage:( 4 o'clock this afternoon 8 pm this eveningT::D Still...
  4. For all those who love the stretch!

    The Pub
    And also for those crazy hair lovers out there T:
  5. Polyskay

    www.polyskay.de some interesting work here - deep side windows, etc, etc
  6. www.no-rice.co.uk

    Clubs & Forums
    http://www.no-rice.co.uk/ A bit of a tenacious link, I know, but it's a good place to go for inspiration and some of the vans on here wouldn't look out of place... A word of warning, though, some of us may feel old... In a similar vein there is also... www.edition38.com
  7. flocked dash anyone???

    The Pub
    cane across this on cgti ten or more for 50 a piece sounds pretty good from what i have read they can do any bits you like :) http://www.clubgti.com/forum/showthread.php?t=192243&page=3
  8. Vanworx pimped my ride

    New T5 Members Forum
    Having been a member of the forum for a few weeks now I have finally found the T5 I was looking for. The guys at Vanworx in Weymouth have done a top job pimping it for me so I thought I'd share a couple of pics with you all. It's going back in a few weeks time to have a full camper conversion...
  9. How to fit a front splitter.

    Technical Articles
    This is a guide to how i went about fitting a Golf Mk3 spoiler splitter to a post 1996 van (newer rounded bumper shape). Remove bumper from front. 2 srews eather side near the wheels and 2 bolts under the number plate. Then get your spoiler and fettle off the plastic with a dremmal. The...
  10. later bumper conversion

    Technical Articles
    Well i started the conversion from early 3 pce bumper to 1 pce rear. most people doing this have used the old center instead of using the proper steel and foam inserts, all i can so to those people is.......:* wish i had too. But i didnt i used the whole lot steel foam inserts and it was a...
  11. Dash and Doorcard Re-paint

    i have a Lwb T4 and i have ben trying to find out the best way to store my surfboards inside. being still undecided, i had other jobs to do on the van, i.e the fuel gauge problem and my window washer nozzels were not working properly. once some of the dash was off i decided, to hell with it...
  12. Flocked dash -pictures

    Customising / Modding
    Got my dash back today, courtesy of suffolk flocking services.... Looking nice and black......mmmm, black.:ILU: The photographs may show greyer areas but its just the way the light falls, and where the bubble wrap was, it brushes out beautifully as you see on the glove box. close up it is pure...
  13. Non Standard Tyre And Wheel Sizes

    Technical Articles
    Non Standard Tyre And Wheel Sizes... The following list is of non standard wheel and tyre sizes that some owners have found to work best on their T4’s. Some have reported that bodywork modifications are required with some of the wider combinations (marked*) if the van is lowered - the...
  14. Seats other than Saab

    General Van Chat
    As I see it, any seat with four fixing holes on the runners can be made to fit - how about the latest Polo and Golf seats? Any others?
  15. how to Lower using the KW Kit of shocks and springs

    Technical Articles
    Before Sorry there are no progress pictures, it was eight o'clock at night and p:cing it down. There are many good threads detailing how to replace the rear springs which I read and followed. The only difference is I changed the shock as well. Following morning in a rare bit of...
  16. ex aa swb repair and conversion

    The Workshop
    i was told this is the right room for this so here goes:confused: As some of you will remember I had a slight mishap back in the middle of august which left my poor van in a very sorry state:( from this to this The insurance company have been next to useless and due to their...
  17. How I fitted Impreza seat..... A step by step guide with pictures.

    Technical Articles
    First remove seats and base from van. Slide seat forward and turn over. With a torque allen key remove these two golden bolts. Slide the seat base forward, remove and put to one side. turn seat over and with Allen key remove these four golden bolts. This should leave you with this. Remove...
  18. How to swap your twin barn doors for a tailgate

    Technical Articles
    there are two types of tailgate and hinges. 91-96 and 96-03 if you fit an early tailgate to a late van it might not open fully the mounts for the struts are in different places on the door early door late door see the early door has the fixing higher up early hinge later hinge...