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dash light not working
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  1. Electrical
    I have recently bought a T5 from a local car dealer. I have a couple of issues I would like advice on please! I have no speedo lights, heater panel lights but do have speed, temp, petrol, red arrows lighting up! Is it fuse? Is it light intensity switch? Is it bulbs? Help Please.
  2. Electrical
    Hi. Usually when i start my car all the lights go on automaticly when the lights switch is on 0, but sometime this winter the rear and dash/instrument lights didnt come on when i started my car (i had to turn the switch to get front lights) After 10 minutes of waiting and restarting the car the...
  3. Electrical
    Hello. Went to start my '98 2.5Tdi yesterday, but when turning the key, no lights came on in the dash. Headlights and head unit turned on fine, though. Tried to start it, but it just kept cranking without jumping to life. The backlight for the dash turns on just fine, when I turn the lights on...
  4. Electrical
    I have a Bilbos T4 1.9 diesel 51 registered camper. The speedo and mile recorder has stopped working. It was put in to a local independent VW specialist garage who thought it could be at the gearbox end (they tried changing a part but no joy). They seemed to think therefore it was at the...
  5. Electrical
    Hoping someone can help me out here. Dash lights all went out so no dials or switches back lights working which made driving in the dark interesting as couldn't see how fast I'm going. Have changed the 15A fuse (cig lighter on this circuit as well by looks of it) and now the dash lights work . ...
  6. Electrical
    I have an electrical problem: i hear a loud pop a while ago on my exaa t4. I noticed later that the switches and dials, heater displays etc do not iluminate, the horn is also not working. The speedo lights are fine though... any ideas..:*
1-6 of 6 Results