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dash speakers t4
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  1. Electrical
    I have recently attempted to change to two speakers in the dash, the right one was very quiet anyway so I knew something was wrong (I thought it may be to do with the speaker). I connected some new pioneer dash speakers and the left one worked perfectly, when I turned the radio on the right one...
  2. I.C.E
    Pioneer TS-G1009 Dashboard speakers 110W 10cm dual cone 110W 4 Ohms impedance Previously fitted to my T4 these speakers are/were working fine when they were removed, however if you look at the top picture the dome one the left hand speaker is depressed. The speaker is undamaged and it was...
  3. Interior
    Hi all. Just fitted an Alpine IDA-X200 (bought cheap from my local ICE shop, as it is old stock :D ) to my van. Now I also bought some audiobahn AS40V 4" speakers for the dash (rear speakers to be added later) & I am unsure how to remove the grills from the dash, without damaging them. Can...
1-3 of 3 Results