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dashboard fascia vents
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  1. General T5 Technical
    Hello all, My T5 air con is blowing nice and cold out of the 2 drivers side dash vents but warm out of the 2 passenger side dash vents, how can this be? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  2. T6 General Chat
    Ive got a T6 highland but not too keen on the open storage/cubby box on the passenger side and on the enter of the dash but I've seen some models with a lid done in piano black and actual glove box fittings. is it possible to buy these parts from vw and fit myself?
  3. New T4 Members Forum
    Ok i need some guidance please!! i have an Alpine head unit to put into my T4 dash its 7" wide and there isn't much room to put. so ive removed all plastic fascias and old head unit... finding if i cut down there is a metal plate in the way! if i go up it just wouldn't fit, the only way that...
  4. Wanted
    The centre left hand side vent adjuster is broken. Having a cursory look at it it looks like its part of the main panel. If any one has or knows of the panel that surrounds the double DIN stereo slot and the vents is be happy to hear and discuss cost Cheers
1-4 of 4 Results