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dashboard lights
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  1. Electrical
    While motorway driving at night over the weekend I've noticed I have a couple of extra dashboard symbols are faintly lit up - but only when I start cruise control. I only noticed because it showed up in the dark, but I confirmed this afternoon it is also happening without the night mode lights...
  2. Electrical
    Hi all, The bulbs have gone on my dash and I wondered if anyone had an idea of what bulbs I need before I start taking it apart? My van is a 1994 2.4d transporter. If there is any more info you need to help me out please let me know. Thanks, Adam T:
  3. Electrical
    I've just had mum first trip in my new (to me) T5. It's a 2007 T30 174 LWB. Went brilliantly and I'm really pleased - BUT... I had a couple of moments when first the glow plug Amber light flickered on a couple of times and then a while later another Amber light flickered (not sure which one -...
  4. Electrical
    Help needed please! I have a very dark dash display at present - looks rather like I'm suffering from a black-out! The speed and rev numbers / rings are dark, as are the heater controls and all other dials in the centre of the dashboard. Bizarrely, the red needles on speedo / revs etc. all...
  5. Electrical
    Hi All T5 & T4'ers I'm a new member and I have just bought my FIRST T5 and so far loving it, with the exception of having to spend a bit of wonga on it to get it to what we want. I notice there is a bulb gone in the Instrument Cluster in the dash and am wondering if anyone can give guidance...
1-5 of 5 Results