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  1. Central locking button - dashboard retrofit

    I've finally gotten round to writing up a guide on this job I did to my van recently - incidentally this is also my first post on this forum after lurking on it for some time! Hopefully it's of some help to anyone who's been thinking of giving this a go… I recently added a central locking...
  2. VW T4 Dashboard Clocks gone mental!

    Hello has anyone got any advice on how I might sort out my T4 dashboard clocks that have gone mental. Speedo, fuel and temp gauge all showing strange readings and they move about. As mush as I'd love to say my 1.9TD is doing actually 110mph it is driving me nuts. I've had the clocks out...
  3. iPhone Dash Adapter for VW T5 2007

    Afternoon. What are folk using to connect iPhones (for Spotify) to the stereo? I have a 2007 T5
  4. T4 Caravelle dash computer issue

    My T4 Caravelle 2001 dashboard computer has started doing this, any ideas or pointers please? Sometimes it is fine, but more often than not it is like this lately. It did seem when I used handbrake it would flicker...
  5. T4 Dash (93) - IN BLACK

    VAG Parts For Sale
    T4 Dash in satin black, including glove box lid and fuse box cover/cubby hole. Has been thoroughly prep'd before being primed with 3 coats of Plastikote plastic primer and then sprayed with 4 coats of Plastikote satin black. Been sitting around for a while (has a few minor scuffs which could...
  6. Replace Multivan dash tweeters with 10cm coax

    Hi, I would like to upgrade the speakers in the dashboard of my Multivan. I already bought some 10cm coaxial speakers (Pioneer TS-G1020F) to put in, but I'm not sure about how to replace the stock ones. I managed to get the speakers themselves out - they are tweeters, which were clipped...
  7. Weird dashboard symbols faintly lit

    General T5 Chat
    Thought I'd give this a 2nd try in General as I got zero in Electrical...... While motorway driving at night last weekend I've noticed I have a couple of extra dashboard symbols are faintly lit up - but only when I start cruise control. I only noticed because it showed up in the dark, but I...
  8. Digital clock and odometer just stopped again...

    Hi guys, we need your help because something weird just happend. We have a VW T4 (1997 caravelle) Karmann Colorado mobile home, and we bought this back in 2013. The digital odometer and clock displays didn't work back then. Last winter it was 5 months on 220 volts to have the battery's stay in...
  9. how to upgrade dash information on T5 (2009)

    General T5 Chat
    My 2009 T5 camper is a standard 1.9tdi t28 with the basic dashboard (no mfd, revs, speed, coolant temp and fuel gauge). After a year I am really missing some of the features on my car - fuel consumption, ave speed, distance/time travelled etc. Are the sensors for this already on the van so...
  10. Dashboard gone bonkers - and weird alarm sound going off

    Hi all, We have a T4 camper, 02 plate. It's gone mad, and we need your superior knowledge to get it back to normal please! The story so far: Few weeks ago the engine cut out completely on the motorway. Doing about 70 mph at the time in the fast lane. Everything went, engine died. Pulled over...
  11. Help! Scrubbed patch on my dash white :(

    General Van Chat
    I've just brought a T4 and the previous owner had stuck a phone holder using an incredible amount of glue to the top of the dash. While trying to get the glue off using Stick Stuff Remover I've managed to rub the grey dash down to white. Has anyone had any success in restoring the colour to a...
  12. Dash Vinyl (Carbon)

    Hey guys, So I've had a quick search on here but can't find what I'm looking for so thought I'd create a new thread (sorry if I've been blind as a bat). So our T5's dash is looking a little tatty (ok a lot tatty, presume from it being a work van prior to being converted). I've seen the carbon...
  13. Dead Dashboard

    Hi, So i just bit the bullet and forked out 2.5k on a refurb for my auto box and the mechanic tells me all the dash clocks have died (was ok before). He says they checked all of their work and had another mechanic look and the connections and gearbox sensor look to be ok. Its a '99 2.5TDI...
  14. Emergency!!Help required Van hire or specialst electrical Fix required

    General T4 Chat
    Hello hope you are all well We have paid for our ferry and two week holiday in France when now it looks like we will not be able to travel due to a electrical fault with our VAN!!!! please if you do have any advise on a quick way to fix or ideas on who we can hire from I would be so grateful...
  15. 2001 Dashboard for sale!

    VAG Parts For Sale
    For Sale in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Complete dashboard in good order taken from a 2001 T4 - VAG Part No. 702857007ABC No scratches or scuff only minor stains as show in the photographs, the one I put into my van was in a worse state until I painted it! The only reason I replaced it was I...
  16. T4 alternative dash paint and finished product

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi there I am pretty new to the forum and owning a t4 but the preferred paint to use to spray the dashboards is plastikote, however recently I have done my dash in SEM. This is a new product that has been developed with textured dashboards and other textiles in mind. Here are a few photos of how...
  17. Painting the dashboard and floor

    Hi, I am wanting to spray the dashboard and floor of my cabin, what spray paint does everyone recommend and how much do I need? Cheers,:*
  18. What's this number mean on the dashboard instruments display

    General Van Chat
    I've noticed recently, that before starting the engine a different number appears where the outside temperatue is normally displayed on the dashboard. I've look in the handbook and it seems to make no mention of it. In the image below it's the 15 that seems to have a third completed pie above...
  19. New Dash

    I've got the chance of a new dash that I want to get flocked. The dash I've been offered doesn't have the cold start but my existing dash does. My vans a 1.9td and the new dash is from a 2.5. Will it fit? Will I need to modify the 2.5 dash to accommodate the cold start? Cheers for any help
  20. Wanted square dash blank

    Hi there I'm after the large square dash blank in the picture below. If anybody has one and can help that would be amazing! Thx D