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  1. General Technical
    Hi folks, your thoughts please. As the title states. I have a 2.8 VR6 Auto on a 99. When the engine is running there is a hissing sound from underneath the drivers side Dashboard behind the clocks. Having stripped dashboard down, engine running, no air can be felt. Upon the depressing of...
  2. Electrical
    Hey t4 fans! My question is if anybody out there knows if a 1994 t4 2.5 Petrol wiring is the same as a diesel. The problem is that when i was welding some rust my t4 petrol took fire and i didn't manage to extinguish it in time. The fusebox and all cables to the dashboard got melted (all cables...
  3. Interior
    how do I remove the plastic around the dashboard heaters (above the radio and either side of the dash). I've tried pulling it off, however it feels like im about to break it. :S
  4. Interior
    Here is the best part of my week on the van, well waiting time anyway, have started customising the Donor dashboard (£40 bargain). Thought about the screens/ipad/etc fitted in but havent got the money to buy them so have just decided to smooth over the dash, for a change of look. Donar dash...
  5. Interior
    Fitted a new set of dial rings and renewed the speedo faces , i read a hundred threads on how to do it from removing the dash , taking out the vent and removing the steering wheel none of which i did . 6 screws was all i had to undo and unclipped 2 plugs at the rear of the cluster .The cluster...
  6. General Van Chat
    I am about to take delivery of a converted T5 GP. However, the cab interior is a bit bland. I am therefore looking at doing a couple of jobs to it as a start - 1) The main job I am thinking of doing is to carpet the floor. Has anyone done this? I know you can buy large mats but I am thinking...
  7. Interior
    Got a single DIN double cup holder out of an 'N' Reg VW Polo and set about grafting it into the van. Really wanted a factory fit look. Had to stop for the afternoon to spend time with the family. Should hopefully finish it off tomorrow. Just have to sand a few more edges to get it to fit spot...
  8. Electrical
    I have a T5 Auto, LWB, 2.5 TDI '09 plate. Currently it does not have a computerised display in the dash. My question is, can I retro fit a system out of (do not know which model) into this. Reasons are to show fuel economy.
  9. Brakes
    I know this has been covered countless times in other threads, I have trawled through them but have not really found what I wanted to know. Since I picked up my van a couple of weeks back (a 2001 800 Special Panel Van), the brake pad warning light has been on. I initially though it might be as...
  10. General T4 Chat
    Hi all, Looking for some advice about my 'P' Reg T4... Basically a few months back I had to have a fuel leak fixed and to do this the garage took off the whole front to get to the throtle body seal. Since I got the van back there has been a very loud beeping noise coming from the dashboard. Its...
  11. Interior
    Hi everyone, The guy that owned the van before me decided to destroy the dash with holes and scuffs, i suppose its part of the wear and tear of a van :) so I would like to restore the dash if possible with paint and filler..., What are my options anyone got any advice... Cheers Nicky
  12. Interior
    replaced illuminating bulbs in t4 gauges but have no illumination of gauges, can someone tell me where i may have a problem or can somebody please tell me how to get the gauges to be illuminated at night. i was sure when i turn on the side lights the gauges should be lit but i may be wrong, any...
  13. Team Blue
    I posted my van here early in the New Year, but decided to re-work it! Spent some time on the engine...you...de-cat, EGR blank and clean...might I add all worth doing and I was going to get it re-mapped, but a new cam-belt put pay to that idea! Have a look let me know what you all think! A:
  14. Interior
    hi i had a go in my mates golf gti and the dash cluster was digital has anybody changed one from just lights to digital before.as his has lots of extras i liked:)
  15. Customising / Modding
    This one's been racking my brains for a week or so now. I've seen a few threads on here about changing the colour of dashboards and other interior plastic parts and it got me thinking. a few years ago (read 10) i had a vauxhall nova... ..pause for heckling.. ... and i replaced the...
  16. Wanted
    I am looking for either new or very good bumpers for a 53 plate ex-aa van in the standard plastic finish, And a replacement dashboard which (from reading the forum) needs to be post-99. Any combination, but postage needed, although we're in North Devon if you're close. Thanks.
  17. Electrical
    Hi there, has anyone had any experience of the dashboard warning lights failing (indicators and the ticking noise, handbrake, cruise control, fog light, door open etc). The lights are working outside and they all come on when i turn the ignition on for a few seconds (as usual). The back lights...
  18. Electrical
    Hi guys, can anyone tell me what kind of bulbs illuminate the speedo/clock/etc on my dash please, just to save me pullin it all out to find out...ta :D Ive got an L reg without the lcd bit on the dash if it makes any difference :)
  19. Electrical
    Hi, Got in the van today and all the digital information is missing ie no clock odo total etc. I say missing but the corner of some digits is visible. Simple fix or ?????????? Cheers Bobbster