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  1. T5 T32 130 LWB factory Kombi 6 seater dark blue in excellent condition for sale. Day van conversion with inflatable drive away. 138k miles. £9995ono

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    This is a great van that we're only selling due to impending emigration. We've had it for. 3 years and it's been stored in an insulated garage each winter, only seeing summer use. Although older, it's low milage for these, totally reliable, and looks very smart. There are a few small marks in...
  2. SWB T5: 2.5L, 130bhp, Unusual RHS side door. 121,500 miles

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    SWB panel van - 3 seat day van conversion. This tidy T30 "Panel van" has an unusual right hand door (California style, but apparently just how it was specced by the fist owner). 2.5L R5 engine. 6 Speed 130bhp . It has had the "standard" 2.5L T5 issues dealt with: new Turbo and vacuum...
  3. Finally.....our very first 'T'-Dayvan/family bus/daily driver/raceday transport

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    We took the plunge , finally and here is our first 'T' as she arrived with no mods (yet) from me! I: Outside: Inside: Plans now are: Move the double passenger seat back to the front Swivel seat bases in the front Move 3-seat bench forward slightly (if possible, I think there...
  4. Advice/Reviews - Reimo Palm Beach SWB Sun Canopy

    General Van Chat
    Hi all, Saw one of these on our last camping trip and it looked great - a sturdy sun canopy that is easy to attach and rain just runs off the sides. The side wall extension also looks quite good even though it is pricey! Just wondering if anyone has used the canopy and if it works with a...
  5. 7 x page MOT fail

    General T5 Chat
    So im working through the conversion of a Caravelle Taxi into a camper. Thought i was nearly there then took 'Its' (daughter named it) for an MOT. Bit of a reality check. Showed how little i actually knew! http://y2u.be/2vtZIkv1Rfg
  6. vw transporter t5.1 140 caravelle day van 2011 6 speed aircon

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    For reluctant sale due to house renovations is my VW T5.1 transporter 140bhp 6 speed. It started life as a panel and is still shown as such on the logbook, i have only recently (this winter) converted it in a caravelle style day van. but now i need the funds and also don't want to turn this into...
  7. Caddy maxi cannons forge special

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    1.9 td (158bhp) 2009 (59 reg), 61000 miles, fsh inc recent cambelt, new vw alloy wheels and tyres, recent professional colour coding. Fully insulated and carpet lined, polysafe flooring, front seats reupholstered, limo tint windows with rear quarters blackout. Awesome 158 bhp remap with superb...
  8. New van

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi All New to this forum and getting a T5 Kombi SWB tomorrow. I have had various camper vans and mobile homes before and want to have a very basic day van but with room for future mods. I want to put a aluminium tread plate floor in so if anyone has done this before I'd really appreciate any...
  9. HELP A full camper conversion or day van??

    General T5 Chat
    HELP :* Right people, I would like some advice please. The Mrs and I have a T5 panel van and bought it with the only thought of having it fully converted into a camper. With the quote coming back at 15k, I am now starting to panic. The initial theory of saving some cash up did not happen and...
  10. LWB T5 DayVan

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    Our long wheel base day van. Colour Coded including Spotline Rear Spoiler, Some Very Nice Black 18" Alloys with Polished Rims & Alloy Centres, Glazed Sides & Rear Doors with Limo Tinted Glass, Fully Insulated & Carpeted Side Panels, Carpeted Floor, Our Latest design Triple 'Crash Tested'...
  11. Insurance Help

    General T4 Chat
    How do you guys describe your van for insurance purposes? My last van was an out and out camper, complete with pop top, so no problems there. My current van, has all the required elements of a camper with the exception of the pop top, so is insured as a camper. I am currently trying to get...
  12. New T4 Project / Surf / Family Day Van

    New T4 Members Forum
    I was finally able to pick up a T4 worthy of what I want it to be, along with right age (03), right mileage (114,000), FSH, etc. I have restored Beetles which then rotted due to cornish seaside living for a number of years and never quite got round to a camper due to all the usual necessary...