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dead battery

  1. Electrical problems t25 1989 - oil light and buzzing

    I'm having issues with both the oil light continuously flashing along with intermittent and sometimes constant buzzing noise. The latest problem which seems somewhat connected is the battery has been completely flat the last two times I've gone to start my van. I know a few questions have...
  2. Starting problems

    Engine & Gearbox
    My beloved T5 is giving me a few problems so thought the best thing would be to ask you lot since you seem to be a knowledgeable bunch!! :) So, some days he just doesn't want to start and other days, I turn the key and nothing for a second or two then the engine turns over and off we go. The...
  3. Flashing oil light no rev clock and dead battery

    At last after mucho reading on this forum of the many differing opinions on to why the flashing oil light is on my 2000 model 1.9 tdi 800 special and why no rev counter and why dead batttery with no charging... well i started with taking out the alternator and looking around for replacement...
  4. Help!!

    I have a 98 1.9td. All week I've had my oil light flashing at me and my battery light never comes on even before I start the van. Vans been running great all week until today that is. On my way to an auto spark and my electrics start going mad, heater doesn't blow out, glow plug indicater...