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  1. Will a diesel pass a emissions test with a dummy cat ?

    General T5 Chat
    Was looking into getting a full exhaust system with dummy cat from pptuning . Was wondering will it pass mot , on inspection or emissions? I have a 2006 pre dpf 2.5 AXD engine , the plate value is 0.8 , if I'm looking at the correct number . When getting stuff like this done do you need to...
  2. New catalytic converter choice or decat

    Engine & Gearbox
    My 16-year-old catalytic converter broke off from the pipe and now I'm thinking to replace it for a new cat or decat pipe, because welding this old thing is like a beating the dead horse, and Gun Gum flexiwrap will not hold much. The choice is between BM Catalysts BM80025H, Bosal 099-895, and...
  3. De CAT - MOT fail ??

    Engine & Gearbox
    I need a new exhaust - if i buy a complete new decat exhaust system will it be an MOT fail ?
  4. Calling all tuners/mappers

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Folks, I am in Australia and will be back in the UK soon. I want to know if I bring my ECU out of my 2006 T5 AXE with me and have the DPF/EGR and speed limiter, if it has one, deleted from the software? I can then blank the EGR and get a DPF delete pipe and fit it when I get back. Can any...
  5. Decat Exhaust advice please

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi, Was wondering if anybody could offer any advice on decating my T4. My exhaust was blowing so took it to the garage and they've recommended a stainless steal decat exhaust. They said it would be better and give a little more power. Thats nice but doesn't it put your emissions through the...
  6. T4 & t5 stainless exhausts

    Parts, Tuning & Styling
    T4 & T5 T6 stainless exhausts T4 & T5 T6 stainless exhaust systems, decats,side exits, dpf delete pipes (for t5). All mandrel bent, no compressed flattened bends, shipped to YOUR door. T: Plenty of photos here http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/album.php?albumid=1695 and more info on our web site here...
  7. MOT Failure for SS Side exit pipe??

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all :) It's approaching that time of year again, and since the last MOT I've had a SS side exit pipe from T4S RUS fitted. The garage that do bits and bobs on my van (and sort the MOT through the local station), well, they always seem to be dubious as to whether the guy at the testing...
  8. Powerflow exhaust fitted - well happy!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Big thanks to Naz at Enigma (Powerflow) in Slough http://www.enigmatec.co.uk/ for fitting my Powerflow decat stainless steel exhaust. System was crafted on site and really I'm pleased with the result. Turbo spins more readily and there is a noticeable improvement in performance.
  9. exhaust broke

    General Van Chat
    :( My exhaust is starting to rattle , so I checked it & it`s going to need replacing :*:* Does anyone know how much they are ? I think it`s the middle bit but all of it doesn`t look too good :( It`s a 2.5 tdi S reg Thanks Sian :D:D
  10. Gutted CAT - its not pretty ...

    The Pub
    I have posted this in the Mk4 golf thread as well, but I have heard lots of people asking about de-catting their exhaust .... Have been told by 3 independent MOT'ers provided your engine is healthy, you don't need a CAT for your MOT. Check how fine (and how much of) this honeycomb is in this...
  11. Do I need a CAT, may not have one now

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I have a 2.5 tdi 1996 new shape diesel manual acv ENGINE. The exhaust section off the front pipe seems like it has just got a 150mm dia box on it on the short section then a straightish long piece to the mid box of the pipe. Its like an L shape. It has always passed its MOT and I have had...
  12. De-cat t5!!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Greetings people, im thinking of de-catting my t5, has anyone done this? and also has there been any problems ie lots of smoke??? cheersT:
  13. 1.9td project power fails mot on smoke test...

    General Van Chat
    Hi folks, Took my van for mot today i was in 2 minds whether to back the fuel off a bit, but decided not to... to see if it would pass the smoke test with it fuelled up.... IT DIDNT... :(... Also failed on ball joint and rack end.... and advisories on rear discs and tinted front...
  14. budget de-cat done today

    General T4 Chat
    my exhaust started blowing yesterday on my 2002 2.5tdi t4,wasnt too worried as i had a plan in mind for de catting anyway,went to my local motor factors bought a 2.4 diesel transporter front pipe part no vw572v-clamp syl 23-gasket vag 61,£34-70 all in fits straight on with the same 3 bolt...
  15. Decat, Egr & Mot

    Engine & Gearbox
    For any peeps wondering about removing your Catalytic Convertor, And/Or Blanking your EGR & Its effects on the MOT. I have a 1998 102bhp SWB T4 170,000 Miles on the Clock. It has No Catalytic Convertor It has a Blanked Off EGR It has a Bluebird Stainless Exhaust System K & N Panel Filter IT...
  16. Budget de-cat and centre box removal.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Got around to de-cat and centre box removal today. On close examination I decided to punch out the cat ( thanks darren mk :))as it was impractical to cut it out of the system. Replaced the centre box with sleeved 60mm steel tubing. I have pics of the whole operation and can do a step by step if...