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  1. Flooring Ideas

    Hello :ILU: Sorry if this has already been covered however I'm sure many of you have new pictures to add to the archive since it was last asked. I am at the stage of my conversion where I need to start thinking how I want my floor to look so I am looking for inspiration. Flooring seems to be...
  2. Bad Design? Vulnerable Position of Ignition Coil?

    :eek: I would be interested to hear what people think about the location of the ignition coil. ('99 petrol 2.5) After two years of ownership and lots of troubleshooting I have established that the ignition coil gets wet when it rains and that causes difficulty in starting as well as...
  3. LWB bench bed design (bike and surf)

    After I found out that the cargo length behind the second row (two seater) in the long wheelbase is about 1.85 I changed my idea getting a SWB and so glad I did! The most interesting thing in the LWB is the "gangway" like I call it. If you are a windsurfer or mountainbiker you know what I am...
  4. planning the inside

    Hey, does anyone know where you can download a plan of the inside of a T5 2006 Transporter? I'd like to print some out and experiment with some interior designs at the right scale... Cheers! Claire
  5. Very UNIQUE Graphics

    Customising / Modding
    Some time ago i was approached by a forum member who asked me to apply some graphics to thier van. A couple of stripes were cut and applied over the whole vehicle, and some stripes down the sills. It transformed a white van into something a little different. A month or so later i was asked by...
  6. Yet more problems, think it might be TDi time.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Some of you will know my van has had more than its fair share of problems over the last year all of which stems from the stupidly designed crank nose and sprocket. Coming home from work after a long nightshift the timing slipped again as the timing suddenly advanced itself causing an audible...