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  1. General T5 Technical
    Quick back story: I bought a T5 approx 6 weeks ago which goes into limp mode when in 5th gear going up a hill. Luckily this is covered by warranty but the van has been back and forth to the dealer whilst they try progressively more expensive solutions! When I bought the van it had been...
  2. Electrical
    My van contains a LOT of electrics! It has an inverter, a big amplifier, loads of speakers, switches and more LED lights than is advisable! It was like this when I got it a couple of months ago. Some of the LEDs don't seem to work now, and I was looking under a removable panel by the tailgate...
  3. Electrical
    Hi, I have a T5 2013 Kombi Highline I have recently changed the steering wheel to the multifunction wheel replacing airbag, airbag loom and fitted the 2 repair wires. All i need to do now is code it so i have a horn and the buttons work. I have tried today with no luck. Using Vag.com gone...
  4. Electrical
    I'm looking to purchase a diagnostic tool to check engine codes on my 2007 2.5ltr T5 Sportline. Good friend of mine recommend on on flee bay (approx £20). When I asked the seller they said it was not comparable and recommended one for £125 !! Can anyone shed some light to which model/make will...
  5. Trade Experience Forum
    Just had my 05 T5 1.9TDi 85bhp camper conversion remapped by Alex at AJK using the Pendle ECU remapping. Great experience from Alex, and some good stories from his formula 1 days! Lots of care and attention in the process starting with a full diagnostics check for faults before starting (all...
  6. Engine & Gearbox
    Hey, Just saw this and thought it could be of interest to T4 owners looking for a handy diagnostics tool if you have an iPhone etc! Anyone know for sure if this'll fit post '96 T4's diagnostics plug? May be quite tempted myself... :) GL1 Car Diagnostic Gadget for iPhone/Touch/iPad
1-6 of 6 Results