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diesel pump

  1. 2002 T4 1.9 TD ABL - a couple of issues

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys, New to to the forum so nice to meet you all Have a couple of issues with my T4, throttle cable went on me recently and having purchased a new one realised it wasn't right. Since found out that the cable is obsolete (has some kind of sensor at the top). Have managed to put a fix on it...
  2. mechanics have no idea - it doesn't start

    LT & Crafter
    Hi everybody, I have an LT28, diesel 2.4 6 cilinders. I bought it faulty, knowing that it needed some engine work and knowing that the electrics were terrible. Now, after one month at the mechanic, I went to pick it up today and it worked fine: new starter motor (from previous owner), new...
  3. 1995 diesel t4 standing start issue

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, I'm a bit new to this and not very mechanical (yet), so please be gentle. We took our beloved and 100% reliable, 1995 T4 California Exclusive on a 5 week European tour this summer, and she broke down for the first time, at the first stop (Amsterdam), and has never really recovered...
  4. New Cam Belt - now Diesel pump not working? Heeeelp

    Engine & Gearbox
    Ex AA 2.5tdi 2002 - sorry not sure of the engine code. Van still has the Maple immobilizer fitted with the belt pack permanently located in the rear of the drivers seat - never gives any trouble. Ok - so the locating pin on my cambelt tensioner sheared and as a result timing went and clattered...
  5. Diesel pump belt

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi - having an issue with my van not starting after replacing a diesel pump belt. Seemingly the timing is set correct but it just won't start. Any ideas?
  6. 2009 VW T5 2.5 bnz 130 cylinder head issues

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi this is my first post so bear with me. She's a 2009 vw t5 2.5 tdi 130 with 175k on the clock, she's been well loved, oiled, washed, waxed and serviced throughout her life. The story goes like this; so the poor old girl developed a poor start, I was cranking her for about 15 to 30 seconds...
  7. Diesel Pump Question

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All, I am just after a bit of advice as my current unmoddified fuel pump on my 1.9td is leaking fuel. It is not much and I am running WVO mixed with petrol atm. The leak isnt large but is noticable everymorning on my drip tray. I have a 1.6gtd engine which has a better but untested...
  8. 2.4 AAB Diesel Pump removal? Crash Course

    General Technical
    Evening chaps. Long story short, ive got a leak on the fuel pump. (its not the spindle, sorted that once). The leak is on the pipe side of the pump. thinking of having a got a changing some seals Now ive had the pump off during the engine rebuild but i also had the head and everything off...
  9. 2001 1.9TD 170k miles Diesel Pump Leaking, help needed

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All, A bit of help needed. My van was a non-starter but only in the recent cold weather. Today I've changed the glow plugs. Three of the plugs were soaking wet when they came out one bne dry once changed the van sparked to life first turn whoopee. However, my self satisfactory joy was short...
  10. 2.4d no power after rebuild

    Engine & Gearbox
    Right then chaps, need to pick your brains. sorry if this is long winded but need to give all the background. just got the van running after the rebuild. New piston rings, bearings, crank seal etc, new head, new clutch new oil/air/fuel filter etc etc. had some damage to the diesel pump when...
  11. Diesel Pump Help (can someone take me a picture)

    General T4 Chat
    Had a slight mishap when i took the engine out and its taken me until today to spot the damage. The bracket in the picture is bent and i think its a ball joint type thing thats snapped off. Could someone take a picture of a diesel pump from a 2.4D so i can see where the bracket needs bending...
  12. leaking fuel pump 1.9td abl

    General Technical
    Hi All,Just got my beast running after a year sitting at a mates. This is a 1.9td 1998.ABL ENGINE I have done the usual glow plugs,throttle cable etc etc Had the cam belt changed now noticed a leak from the diesel pump started by replacing the small pipes between the injectors which were more...
  13. High idle after diesel pump repair.

    Engine & Gearbox
    My diesel pump decided to start leaking and kill my alternator. Anyway all sorted now but is it possible that something needs adjusting as it seems to be idling higher than it used to. Cheers Sim (1.9td ABL)
  14. Go Slow Petrol Protest

    As some or all of you know today is budget day...The one thing I'm really concerned about is the 3p tax on petrol increase. With many pumps at 120p already I think we should make a stand. I have created a facebook group type in go slow to find it. If there is a 3p increase in petrol tax I...
  15. bad starting

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi. I have got a 2.5 130 t5 which is struggling to start after a few hours of the engine off. It had a new turbo fitted few months ago. It turns over but doesnt fire for a while then gives out lots of smoke. Had the plugs tested and it wasn't them. Have also been told it could be a build up of...