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  1. The Workshop
    Hi all.. My t4 has a stränge thing. In a straight line it rumbles a bit but as you turn left or right it grinds on the pads on the right wheel. More left than right. And when you brake judders like a gooden. Jack it up and it moves abit with moving wheel side to side. Wheel bearing ?
  2. Brakes
    Hi! This is my first post in this great and impressive (tech savvy!!) forum, greetings from Spain to everyone! I have a 2nd hand 9 seater LWB Kombi from 2008 (77kW/105bhp) bought from a rentacar. (yep, I may be crazy but was the only 9 seater within my reach :(). It passed MOT (ITV here)...
1-2 of 2 Results