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  1. Loved Up VW T5 Owner

    New T5 Members Forum
    I've recently purchased a T5 camper (13 plate) & can't wait to suss out some proper summer adventures. It has a rib bed, reimo roof etc but since we are a family of 5 I'm tempted with the driveaway awnings. I'm keen on the quick erect air systems out there but they are darn expensive. Can...
  2. Flettner roof vent experience

    General Van Chat
    I fitted a Flettner (2000) roof vent to my T4 a few weeks ago with the aim of reducing the condensation build up in the van overnight. It has done a cracking job. Anyhow, I had a few questions that I couldn't turn up a definitive answer to on the forum before I started, so thought the...
  3. Dog guards, floor mats, seat covers. Need to toughen our T4 up.

    I'm interested in getting my hands on a decent dog guard to go behind the rear seat in our T4 Caravelle SWB. My wife works for Doodle Trust (formerly Labradoodle Trust) and often transports dogs of varying sizes up and down the country in our daily driver T4. This means the seats get ditched...
  4. Camper van dog crates/carriers.

    General T5 Chat
    Was just wondering what people use for keeping their dogs secure in the back of their vans. I have two Labradors - ones 7 years old and good as gold - others 3 months and is currently trying to eat me out of house, home and potentially the van. I'm looking for something that both secures them...
  5. mont blanc dog guard

    Life Style
    For sale is my mont blanc tubular dog guard with extension that I had in my T4. Have now sold the T4 and have a T5 with a different setup so dont need this any more. Only used in the van about 5 times before selling the van!!! Due to size of the item I dont really want to post so its either...
  6. Bike or surf or dog or people washer for your van

    General T4 Chat
    When my van is all up and running i intend to use it mainly for mountain biking, and as we all know in the UK in winter this is very mucky business, so i definitely need something to clean me and the bike off. This is what i've found, 12vDC water pump sprayer on Ali express the same ting can...
  7. travel with dogs to france

    European and Foreign Travel
    This lady seems a little bit of a worrier but good advice nonetheless http://www.dogtravelblog.co.uk/
  8. First time - advice on shuttle diy conversion

    New T5 Members Forum
    First time on the boards here. Finally got close to what I think I wanted in a T5 - reckon that will change as I learn more. I'm planning to convert the shuttle with a cab bunk, bed platform to make a double bed for 2 adults and a baby and a bed on a box or the floor behind the front seats...
  9. Kyham Tourer, Long nose Fogs, Dog guard,..

    Parts For Sale
    Hi I have a Kyham tourer for sale. It is dark blue and has been used less than ten times. Its in perfect condition and is only being changed for another larger Kyham. £200 Foglights for a long nose - never fitted. £25 Dog guard for a caravelle - to go between the rear seat and the boot...