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  1. Door Seal for Dometic Rc1200 absorption fridge

    General Van Chat
    I have a second hand Dometic RC1200 and the lid seems to not close tight, there is no seal. I have looked at photos and videos of them and it appears it didn't originally have one anyway. I wonder if there is a benefit to fitting a seal to the door (lid/hatch/whatever it is called!). Has...
  2. Dometic Mobicool B40 Hybrid Fridge/Freezer for sale

    Life Style
    We are selling our Dometic Mobicool B40 fridge/freezer due to wanting something a bit smaller we can keep in the van all the time. Bought this new last summer and have used it twice. Once on holiday for two weeks and then for a few days over Christmas as an extra freezer in our house. As you...
  3. Unused Dometic RM123 Fridge for Sale

    Life Style
    *Pics added* Unused Dometic RM123 Fridge for Sale **************** NOW SOLD ************************ Bought off another forum with intensions of fitting in van only to find I had mis-measured and it's too tall (Have a grill shelf!!) Therefore, was not used prior to our ownership, and remains...