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door card
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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hi, I am buying some T6 door cards hoping to fit in the old girl. Just wondering, has anyone tried this? I have searched through the forums and have found nothing of anyone who sounds like they've actually tried šŸ¤ž I am wondering if mounting points are the same, if it will fit with the T5 dash...
  2. Interior
    I recently purchased a Caravelle GL 1995, but the sliding door is stuck. I can unlock it, but it seems like its jammed somehow. No matter how hard i pull it won't open. Only the outside handle works, the inside handle is stuck. Im pretty sure the only way to fix it is by removing the door card...
  3. Interior
    Looking for some help and advice I have an aftermarket converted 2009 t5. When I have looked at the way that the step has been fitted after the ply floor and although have been fitted it looks as though the side step has been chocked up to meet the floor level. This has not been an issue...
  4. General Van Chat
    Does the caravelle door panel fit the panel van door? T6 model
  5. Coachbuilds
    Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to seperate and remove the part of the door card that is highlighted in green in the photo from the rest of the door card as I wish to dip this part in hydrographic film to give it a wood effect? Thanks
  6. Parts For Sale
    3 X Caravelle Sliding door Panel's - Only 2 left now 2 are for the right hand side and 1 is for the left hand side. Only one for either side left Right hand side #1 - Ā£90, now Ā£80 Right hand side sliding door panel # 2 Has a crack on the top pillar and a dent on the right hand side -...
  7. General T5 Chat
    Here at http://www.dubz4hire.com we're having a full cab re trim to include Door Cards Seats Dash Headlining A+B Pilars We thought you may enjoy the pictures as much as us.... Any questions or comedy welcomed... There will be more picture to follow in the coming days until complete :)
  8. Interior
    Here at http://www.dubz4hire.com we're having a complete cab re trim Door Cards Dash Seats Headlining A+B Pilars We thought you may enjoys the pictures and process as much as us.... Any questions please feel free to ask... https://instagram.com/p/26ofvkHeT9/...
  9. Interior
    Hi, Does anyone know if the top of the door cards separates from the rest of the door card? By top I mean the piece that had the window controls in it. The reason I ask I that I'm looking to install an electric window kit but would like a flush door card without the wiper blanker. I'm pricing...
  10. Interior
    Does anyone have a fix for the issue of internal door handles not opening the door? the issue is: The handle isn't catching the metal rod that pulls the door latch, so wont open. The reason being i think that the door card isn't sitting close enough, so i can just feel the handle catch the...
  11. Interior
    Had a lovely trip down to VW connections to iron out the last few problems with my 2.4 or 1.9tdi conversion (absolute legends by the way) and thought whilst I was in the area I would drop the van off to Kel at Audiosport for some much needed TLC. Anyway, here are the results so far: PS If...
  12. Interior
    I forgot to take a pic of it fitted incorrectly but I'm sure that I'm not the only one who didn't refit them properly. This pic as it should be. For anyone frustrated with the gap narrower at the top where the door panel meets the dash, this is because of a (yet another) slightly stupid design...
  13. Interior
    Is there anywhere I can buy replacement interior panels (the carpeted hardboard type) in an inca style? And if I decide to build replacements, does anyone have any advice for me? Cheers!
  14. Parts For Sale
    Surplus to requirements, in my way, collect only, bargain, Ā£15 or lmk what u got for swaps A:
  15. Wanted
    Hello, Im after some door cards condition/age, not that important, but have to be in fairly good condition. Cash waiting, T: PM me... Many thanks
  16. Wanted
    Need A few things for my build, i have a tailgate, but the bottm lip is crusty, so i want a rot free one, can be bare. I can collect at bugjam or can see where u are for the other stuff as i get about a bit. :ILU: Tailgate (I have glass & bits but will take complete if its on offer) Plastic...
  17. Interior
    i have a Lwb T4 and i have ben trying to find out the best way to store my surfboards inside. being still undecided, i had other jobs to do on the van, i.e the fuel gauge problem and my window washer nozzels were not working properly. once some of the dash was off i decided, to hell with it...
1-17 of 17 Results