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door panel
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  1. General Van Chat
    Does the caravelle door panel fit the panel van door? T6 model
  2. Interior
    Hi, Can any one tell me what this little plastic thing is so I know what to order as I need a new one for my VW T5. I would describe it as being a bit like a raw plug. It pushes in to the metal work on the inside of the door so that the plastic door panel can be screwed in place. Thanks
  3. Interior
    Hello I want to change my single passenger seat for a double, and I believe to do this I need to remove the pocket from the passenger door panel. Having inspected it it appears to be a separate but very well fitted piece of plastic. So I imagine it's not too much of a nightmare removing it. Has...
  4. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi Im completely new to owning a VW T4, got one yesterday and I'm trying to fix a bunch of things on it. On of those is the rear barn door. It wont open at all from inside and I've only managed to get it to open from the outside once, I think one of the recievers is stuck? I've been searching...
  5. Interior
    Here is my little project to customise my interior. Panel of - Passenger side. Pockets off panel. Pockets from panel. Arm rest and handle wraped.
  6. Parts For Sale
    Hi Everyone! I am selling: Right Hand / Driver's Side Door Pocket for VW T4, Caravelle, Transporter. Taken from my 2003 VW T4. Used but in great condition. Comes complete with ALL screws and fittings. Ideal for fitting in a decent sized door speaker, the pocket even has a rear pattern for...
1-6 of 6 Results