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  1. Greetings from Torquay

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    Hi from Torquay. First time with VW. Just bought a T4 and knocked £2,500 off the asking price. The sills and door step panels were rotten as a pear. Had a current MOT somehow. Its in the body shop now having it all sorted and some new paint. Is this level of rot normal? I don't think i'd buy...
  2. Few things - Tailgate, Sliding door step, Door card pocket, 92 rear bumper,

    Need A few things for my build, i have a tailgate, but the bottm lip is crusty, so i want a rot free one, can be bare. I can collect at bugjam or can see where u are for the other stuff as i get about a bit. :ILU: Tailgate (I have glass & bits but will take complete if its on offer) Plastic...