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  1. Door Handles

    LT & Crafter
    Hi all.. My Crafter is in need of a rear door handle..all there is on the door is the remnants of it's original handle. I'm wondering whether a sliding door handle will fit the rear door, instead..? I'm not fussed about there being no key hole there, just as long as there's a handle, if I...
  2. Door Hinge Pins

    General T5 Chat
    Morning All, My van failed its test today and needs drivers door hinge pin replaced. I had a look on ebay and online but cant find where to buy replacements. Anyone have a clue where to look? How hard are they to change? Thanks, Dave
  3. Central Locking Never Worked

    Hi all, Since I got my T4 a few years back the central locking never worked. Now that I'm finished rebuilding the engine it's time to tackle the locks. All doors lock with the key fine independantly but none lock together with key or fob. I've checked the fuse and its ok. When doing the...
  4. Drivers side sliding door - units and RR bed?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi All, First post here, so hi! I'm a total newbie but bought a T5.1 SWB about a month ago. It's currently set up as a Kombi but I'm hoping to turn it in to a camper for the family. I'm finding it hard to find ply kitchen/wardrobe units that might fit on the passenger side (my sliding door...
  5. Passenger door wont unlock (door locked shut)

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with the passenger side door lock on my 1999 T4 800 special and was wondering if you could help. The key is able to 'lock and unlock' the door from the outside however the door only opens around 2cm before stopping - I think the mechanism latch that holds the door...
  6. How to replace exterior handle drivers door ?

    New to forum. Trying to replace the drivers exterior door handle. The lock barrel has been missing for a long time. Visited local vw specialists, who suggested cheaper to buy a replacement handle than to order a new barrel from vw. New handle arrived today. Have removed the old handle, not sure...
  7. T4 (93) Door Cards - IN BLACK

    VAG Parts For Sale
    Offside and nearside door cards in satin black - take winder handles NOT electric window buttons. Sold as seen without door pockets, handles etc. Little rubber trims that go on the top ends also missing. Both have been thoroughly prep'd before being primed with 3 coats of Plastikote plastic...
  8. Additional Door Seals - Correct Position?

    I have bought some of that rubber 'D' section to seal the front doors to quieten the ride and "Close like a Golf... I have looked at several videos on YouTube and read accounts of how it's done. But they are NOT all the same. There seems to be at least a couple of paths on either door that get...
  9. door lock malarky

    General Technical
    Hi all, My passenger door lock is having a fit, and keeps on locking itself and all the other locks. I can see elsewhere on the forum that this is likely to be one of 2 things; wiring fault in the door or fault in the lock - that little spring thingy. When I pull the knob up on the...
  10. Sliding Door - Bottom Roller

    VAG Parts For Sale
    Genuine part - not cheap repro found on eBay. Good working order. £5 (postage not included). Top arm/bracket featured in the picture is NOT available. Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  11. Barn Door Security Window Grills

    Parts For Sale
    Barn Door Security Window Grills - good condition. £10 for the pair (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange postage.
  12. NEW REPAIR SECTIONS - Door Sill Panels, L and R sides

    Parts For Sale
    Good quality Klokkerholm door sill repair panels, both O/S and N/S - no longer needed. £8 each (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  13. Rattling / knocking / cracking noise after H&R 40mm springs fitted

    Steering & Suspension
    Shortly after having 40mm H & R spring fitted a rattling /knocking / cracking noise started to be noticeable. It seems to be coming from around the area of the sliding door rear catch (it could be lower down). On rough roads it is does not seem to be there at all. It is noticeable only on...
  14. T5 Sliding Door Handle - London

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi, I've recently bought a T5 and started on a conversion. The guy I bought it from said that it had been broken into via the sliding door handle and as a result he'd had the handle removed and covered over. The van now has no handle on the sliding door. My options are either to attempt to...
  15. Painting interior sliding door rail?

    Can I spray the interior sliding door rail (near the ceiling) with regular spray paint? The bodywork is green and eventually i'll get the outside sprayed with a different colour, however Id rather not strip out all the interior carpeting/insulation ive already installed. The door rail is too...
  16. Driver's cab door seal - fitting

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi folks I've bought a new door seal from Just Kampers to replace the original that has split at the front top corner and is letting water & wind in. Having had a look at the way it's installed it looks like I will have to remove or at least detach some of the interior trim around the door...
  17. Wanted t4 caravelle interior drivers door release handle blue and chrome

    Hi all I'm after the inside door release mechanism, in blue plastic with a chrome handle ! Also after an ashtray and the trim pieces that are in the cubby holes in the dash ! Thanks
  18. Will caravelle door trims fit on a basic T28 Transporter?

    Searched on here and the www and I can't seem to find a definite yes or no I have the change to buy these They are from a UK spec caravelle and I'm told by the seller they will fit any T5, but there seems to be a few posts on here and other forums that say they won't fit as the ends of the...
  19. Immobiliser and Door Deadlock

    I have a 2004 Caravelle 2.5 174 TDi - this forum has been hugely helpful over the last couple of years with a lot of issues - new turbo, new flywheel, wiring loom, exhaust manifold... Current issue is a deadlocked passenger door and intermittent immobiliser activating- tried switching relay...
  20. Tailgate Door Stuck

    I have one of the tailgate vans where the door opens upwards. But the door seems to be locked shut even though I can turn the key in the lock. I tried getting at the lock from the inside and there seems to be a small metal bar that flips left and right but still doesn't open. Is it possible...