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  1. Door locks / remote locking?

    General T4 Chat
    The door locks (barrels) in my front passenger and sliding door have come out - I still have the passenger one but sliding door one was missing when I bought the van. Does anyone know if this is easy to fix and if so how? I can put the passenger door one back in to lock and unlock the door but...
  2. Sliding door lock screw-driver'd

    Just taken the current panelling out of my SWB T4 (bought a month ago) to fit a new ply lining, and noticed a small hole next to the lock on the sliding door. On closer inspection it looks like this would be the ideal way to flick open the lock mech with a screw-driver :( Anyone else had this...
  3. Best place to get a new side sliding door?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, sat here gutted. Put my van in the drive and went right down the side with the gate hinge :( My best bet is a new door I think, I wanted to get windows in so am now looking for a nearside window sliding door for a t5 SWB 2004. My van is one of the VW off white numbers. Any help much...
  4. Should both my lights come on in the back when I open doors?

    forget the front cabin that's ok. In the back of my T5 there are two diagonally opposite lights in the roof lining. When a door is opened only the front one comes on. They both work if you click them on directly and I've swapped the units to check the unit works on door mode so it's the wiring...
  5. Tailgate inside handle?

    I've been thinking of an emergency escape option out the back of our camper, like I put in the T3 we had before, which was just a cord poking neatly thro the card that could be yanked and popped the tailgate open. I know that some T4s, presumably Caravelles, have an inside door-release handle...
  6. sliding door

    Hi everyone. Just wondered if anyone has a sliding door for a 92 LWB thats in good nickI:
  7. Parts to finish tailgate conversion.

    Hi I need the following parts to finish my tailgate conversion: The two brackets that the struts attach to which are bolted to the van The handle mechanism but not the barrel or rod/catch thing The two side catches Bottom catch and bolts Thanks for reading this, if you can help please get in...
  8. Side Door Back Slider

    General Technical
    Yes, I know there are loads of threads about side door rollers, BUT they all seem to refer to the bottom rollers. My question is, are the actual rollers in the rear slider (the one that runs in the channel along the outside of the van) the same as the ones in the bottom slider? I was thinking...
  9. T4 side sliding door

    General Technical
    Hi can anyone help me concerning the dimensions of a n/s side sliding door off a 1999 caravelle. I need to know the height, width, length and weight ideally with all the trimings and glass attached. :) Many thanks in advanced.
  10. Garage clearout - seats & doors must go!

    Parts For Sale
    All now sold, thanks guys.
  11. Wind buckled door

    General Technical
    Hi, I was up in Thurso for a surfing trip last weekend. It was blowing an absolute gale. I made the mistake of opening my car door - with 2 hands on the handle - but I was still rather swiftly shot out of the van. Unfortunately the bracket that stops the door from swinging through 90° was...