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  1. Interior
    Good evening all, I am wondering whether anyone had come across the same issue I am facing. I have just fitted an interior single tailgate pull handle inside my T4 Westfalia, however, the grey interior doorcard does not have a hole for the handle, nor does it have any marking on the inside to...
  2. Interior
    Hi All Looking for some T4 wisdom. Has anyone successfully managed to refit Caravelle doorcards once the black plastic clips have dropped off the inside? I've recently purchased a tidy Caravelle and I found that the doorcards on the sliders are secured with small screws. After investigating...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Pair of lagoon blue door cards from an 03 Caravelle. The drivers side has a carpeted door pocket with the rare and obsolete speaker basket included, as are a pair of speaker grilles. I had a twin seat in my Caravelle originally so the passenger side has no pocket but has been adapted to house...
  4. General T5 Chat
    I opened the passenger door today to find a small pool of water in the footwell (pic taken after I'd cleaned it up but it was trapped inside)! On further investigation it seems that rainwater is leaking out the screw hole at the bottom of the doorcard and leaving a pool inside the van mostly on...
  5. Interior
    Does anybody have any T4 Door Speaker Pockets/Doorcards for sale as I want door speakers in my VW T4 800 Special, to save me putting more speakers in the back? Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results