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double din
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  1. Electrical
    Ok.. so I took a risk and bought a cheap floating touchscreen type stereo for my 2015 t5.1 after reading some fairly good reviews. I wasn’t expecting much for under £100 as long as the radio, nav and Bluetooth worked. Eventually got the thing working after buying a kenwood harness and quad lock...
  2. Electrical
    Hi folks, not posted here in quite a while but recently got round to upgrading my old vw gamma unit. As per the title I went for the Sony XAV-AX3005DB. The reason for this choice is it offered everthing I wanted, namely, DAB radio, double din with CarPlay and crucially, the ability to install it...
  3. Electrical
    I have an A-Sure RNS510 Lookalike radio that you can have if you want to come and collect it. Perfectly serviceable, all connections and Sat Nav Aerial with it, it's about 18 months/2 year old. I've replaced it and is just sat in the garage. We're in East Lancashire, PM me if you're interested.
  4. I.C.E
    No longer for sale
  5. Electrical
    Hi all I've been monitoring one of these double din units for a while and have decided to take the plunge and buy a second hand/ex display one from ebay. I know I need to get a fitting kit and wiring adapter but not sure on anymore details. I've been told to look at incartec.co.ukAnyone have...
  6. Electrical
    Hey folks. I've just purchased a Pioneer SPH-DA120 ApplePlay Double Din Head unit with every intention of fitting myself to save money, plus I've fitted many stereo's before. I've purchased all of the extra necessary cabling, so should be good to go. After taking out the Factory fitted head...
  7. I.C.E
    Kenwood DNX520VBT factory fitted to my Transporter. The head unit was swapped out and replaced for a Pioneer unit so has had little use. The unit is fully functional and in very good condition. There is not lock on the radio and it comes with all wiring loom and microphone ready to put strait...
  8. New T5 Members Forum
    Good Evening Guys, I am very new to the forum and would like your assistance on a decision for a replacement radio. I am replacing my single DIN radio, with a double DIN head unit. I have had a look at the choices and was considering the KENWOOD DNX 525DAB. Has anyone got any other...
  9. Electrical
    Hi, I am looking for an double din sat nav head unit that looks as nice as the Kenwood DNX 525DAB, but doesn't cost as much. Is it possible to get anything closer to £400 that looks as nice as this or similar Cheers
  10. Electrical
    I'm looking into fitting a double din head unit into my t4 like the t5 has as there isn't a lot of flip out head units about these days. I've been looking at the android ones as they seem quite good. Has anyone tried this, how was the outcome and difficulty? Thanks again Chris
  11. Electrical
    Hello! Does anyone have info on installing a double din stereo? Pics? Links? Many thanks in advance!
  12. Interior
    Double Din dash mod..has it been done like this ever? Finally after nearly 4 yrs of T4 "98 1.9TD ownership I have a wedge of cash to spec up my dear Bob the bus. Going to attempt a dash mod for a double din JVC unit with touch screen. Don't know whether its even possible as never seen it done...
  13. Electrical
    I had my Pioneer Double DIN stolen from the van. I don't want to get the same one as it will probably only happen again. Anyone know of a double unit with detachable face or some other anti theft device? Anyone tried a fake cover?
  14. Electrical
    Hello peeps! I'm after some advice if possible. What are your views on the best place to buy a double din multimedia stereo for my t5. I've been looking for a while now, but there are that many. Maybe somewhere that does decent packages as I'm after a reversing camera as well?:*
  15. Electrical
    Hi there. I want to put a double din into a t4. From what I have read about the easiest route is taking out the 2 vents above the factory stereo, but I would much prefer to take out the wee storage unit below the stereo. I know there is a bar running here and so some modification is needed...
  16. Electrical
    Hi all, The original radio/CD in our 2008 camper is playing up and rather than just replace we're looking to upgrade. Were initially thinking of a single-din unit and a pocket to get a decent choice of DAB units but now thinking that a double-DIN A-V unit might be a more sensible move in the...
  17. Electrical
    Hi, I'm looking for a new head unit and I'm not bothered about DAB, GPS, dual zone, DVD playback or most of the advanced features on high end models. All I want is a screen for my reversing camera and the ability to access my iPhone 5 for phone and music (Bluetooth or cable woud be fine). The...
  18. Electrical
    Does anyone know if this can be done, I have seen some pictures where people have taken out the top 2 heater blowers, does this work?
  19. Electrical
    Looking at buying a double din screen head unit and was wondering if anybody has used Online Car Audio before? Prices seem good as they are offering 10% off at the moment but I have heard some reports on the Internet about non-authorised dealers not honouring warranties? They have a store...
1-20 of 22 Results