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  1. Broken sink!

    General Van Chat
    Hi All, On a 6 week long road trip from Spain to the Scottish Highlands and opened the cabinet to discover a puddle of water. I've traced the issue to the sink drain coming undone below and the bolt has completely disintegrated. Where the bolt mounts into a piece of plastic, is broken as well...
  2. Aircon drain?

    General T5 Chat
    I had the puddle under the van this afternoon that requires the mandatory dipping and sniffing of fingers to establish that its not something more serious that water. My suspicion (backed up by you lovely folk on here) was that the aircon was draining off. I traced the water drips back to the...
  3. Vw t4 auto gearbox fill tube, cap, red seal and bung genuine new vw

    Parts For Sale
    Set of bits for your vw t4 auto box when you do your atf and filter change, these bit are brand new in their original packaging. Includes the fill tube with its cap and red sealing tamper ring, and the drain screw which then has a small green stand pipe in the sump pan that this screws into from...
  4. What else is on entertainment circuit?

    I've had an annoying power drain for ages now. Seems like this has destroyed my second battery now so I've got back to investigating it. I finally sat in the cab long enough for things to shutdown and then started pulling fuses. Finally found a big drop in current draw from 250mA to <20mA with...
  5. Eberspacher power battery drain

    General Technical
    Hello, Does anybody know if the Eberspacher D2 when running in continuous mode uses power/juice from the battery or does it power itself once up to speed? Just thinking about camping with it on low blow all night without electric hook up. Ta.
  6. Battery drain

    I've had a 57 plate 2.5 TDI since November, with a view to converting it to a camper. Everything seemed fine until I had to drive it thru floods in December. Soon after, the alarm started sounding intermittently, the central locking stopped working, and the battery lost its charge. The local...
  7. LED RNS 510 in a 2004 T5 - Battery Drain!

    Hi all This I think is a familiar topic So I have a 2004 T5 which doesn't have canbus. I fitted an RNs510 (LED 'H' suffix) with all the bluetooth, MDI remote microphone etc. I then had an amp, a small sub and new speakers fitted by Hazzydays I connected the unit to the van with a canbus...
  8. Is there a drain in the ECU compartment?

    Hola, I have had miscellaneous problems with electrics for a little while, and after metering the accelerator pedal connector (voltage too low) I went to have a look at the ECU end in the big black box under the battery. It turns out there was a bit of water in there. Actually 5 inches of water...
  9. Scavenge pump issue

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Experts, I need your help to remedy a problem with my 1998 2.4L Turbo deisel T4. The Turbo scavenge pump does not shut off when the ignition is turned off and is causing severe battery drain. Has anyone had this issue before? How do I cure it? Where is it located? I think there must be a...
  10. mysterious battery drain? help required

    For a couple of years now I have had a drain on my battery. I don't know where its coming from, as i can't find a drain anywhere, except for the 300milli amps of the stereo/clock which is OK. Yesterday and today, not even the door pin would rise, unyet I've had no trouble for about three...