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  1. Parts For Sale
    I have a drivers side T5 wing mirror in silver for sale. It's a manual folder and electric adjustable/heated. Now for the bad parts: It has a few scratches on the painted part. There's some sort of corrosion on the edge of the mirror. There's a small plastic part on the electric adjuster...
  2. New T4 Members Forum
    Hello all, Recently bought a LHD 95 T4 Multivan with a Westy pop top which is my new pride and joy (a giant leap forward in drive-ability from the t25 California I had before!). Have been busy sorting out the snags, but am a bit puzzled at how to get to the dead as a dodo leisure battery...
  3. eBay Listings
  4. Parts For Sale
    I have for sale my drivers seat from an 05 T5. It is in great condition, only a little grubby, but nothing a clean won't sort out. The off side seat bolster is a little worn from getting in and out but the fabric is still perfect, no cig burns etc. It has height ajustment, lumbar support knob...
  5. Parts For Sale
    T5 Drivers seat: Good condition, a few minor marks but no rips, tears or deformities, with seat belt receiver...£200 T5 Double Passenger Seat: Good condition, a few minor marks, 4 very small perforations in rear leatherette where hooks for seat covers were attached but not ripped, with centre...
  6. Wanted
    :eek: Someone decided to whack my whole mirror off, when I kindly pulled in to let them through, regardless of the fact I had right of way!! Anyone know where i can find one!? Ebay is lacking and there not cheap! Cheers!
  7. FREE Stuff
    :) Now i know there is probably millions on here but i have a drivers seat from a 1992 van in what i consider immaculate cond. No base as i have re-used that but free to anyone that wants in just send me a PM T:
1-7 of 7 Results