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  1. Breakdown: what does this sound like to you?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi - On changing gear from 2nd to 3rd, something went ‘snap! In my 2004 T5. It sounds like the clutch has gone. The accelerator sounds ok in neutral but in gear the clutch is making a horrible screeching noise and the van’s not getting any power when I’m in gear. I’ve rolled to the side of the...
  2. Driveshaft length, ACV

    Engine & Gearbox
    Does anyone know the correct length of the driveshaft for a T4 ACV with an AFK gearbox on the passenger side? I have seen both 529 and 541 mm ones and do not know which one to pick. Cannot check on my car as the driveshaft I want to replace is probably not originally from a T4, but a Passat (I...
  3. Inner Stub Shaft for 4Motion

    Engine & Gearbox
    I replaced my driveshaft in January but for whatever reason the clip came off while driving to the Alps and I spent the next 4 weeks manually pushing the bloody thing back on every 100 miles. Driving on edge of splines has obviously wrecked it again so need to replace the drive shaft and also...
  4. 2.5 130 Driveshaft and Steering lock noise

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, Firstly thanks for reading this, i'm a bit stumped. I have a Black 2008 T32 2.5 Kombi. Had it around 4/5 years now, generally does me well but bills are starting to add up (lots of labour). My 2nd driveshaft went last week (130k miles, first was at 90k), a local garage has replaced the...
  5. Strange knocking noise from front end

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, on way back from the lakes today, my T4 suddenly started making a knocking noise when I changed gear :( The noise is loudest when coasting in gear and quieter when coasting in neutral. When I accelerate, the noise goes but comes back when I take my foot off the accelerator. Gear...
  6. T5.1 OSF Drive shaft

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, Sorry my first post is a question, but I've only had my T5 a week and I've already run into a common T5 problem. A full service at my local VW Indy has picked up that the drivers side drive shaft needs replacing which is a common problem. As this is something I can do myself, I'll get...
  7. Clunk on Drive shaft, but CVjoints good!? T4

    Engine & Gearbox
    i'm a bit confused about this clunk, read loads of threads but just realised that most of them talk about the T5 not the T4!! am i right in saying there is a difference there.. on my 02 t4 manual there is a clunk on taking up drive.. i've not had it long and i'm used to driving old Landrovers...
  8. IMPOSSIBLE to find: Driveshaft 2.5 TDI 151bhp 2001

    Engine & Gearbox
    Greetings; I am currently looking for a driveshaft with serial number: 02G 409 456 B Picture: I can only find it through official VW dealers at insane prices. Does anyone have experience with this part? Thank you in advance. Yours truly, A man that really wants his T4 back on the road!!!
  9. 2nd driveshaft in 2 months

    Engine & Gearbox
    Help!!! The second driveshaft failure on my T32 LWB 174bhp dream machine... Any thoughts from any mechanical gurus on why it has happened again? :*:(:eek:
  10. Drone sound from front wheels 2006 1.9 - Bearing? Driveshaft?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Everyone, I recently had some work done on my van including being lowered 30mm and having 20" rims put on. I've since noticed quite a loud 'drone' / hum sound coming from the front wheels that is typically at it's worst around 50mph cruising in 5th gear. It continues to make noise even...
  11. Driveshaft failure

    Engine & Gearbox
    My driveshaft has just failed after 60000 miles since having it last replaced! I'm assuming it's the drivers side again. Last time I had VW replace it at some ridiculous price but this time I'll do it myself. Is it the stub axle splines that get stripped, or the main drive shaft? Is it...
  12. knock, knock, knocking n.s.f.

    New T4 Members Forum
    hi new to this, have just got back from 600 mile round trip.got a really disconcerting intermittent knocking at n.s.f suspension wheel area. caravelle N reg1995 AAB 2.4 diesel manual .nearside driveshaft replaced sept 2012 at 182000miles now at 197000miles . this driveshaft seems to have some...
  13. Driveshaft needs replacing after 36,000 miles!

    Engine & Gearbox
    After it's last service I'm told my 2.5 T5 (174) needs a new O/S driveshaft. The van has done just 36,000 miles (all of them by me) during it's lifetime of three and a half years. The van does not carry heavy loads, and it is driven gently. I'm not happy :(. So, I'm looking for answers to the...
  14. T4 Passenger side driveshaft

    Parts For Sale
    I a N/S driveshaft available no inner CV joint fitted to it all the rest is there, off a 19 TDi 1996, but have been told will fit 1.9 non turbo from 1994 also. collection or I can post. £30.00 Also have a water pump complete with back housing available from 1.9 TDi/non turbo diesel. £10.00
  15. Does Stub Shaft and Driveshaft Problem Apply to 2.5 Auto?

    Engine & Gearbox
    As a newbie I've been busy doing as much homework I can. Currently looking a potential purchase of a BCP 2.5 auto. Does the stripped drive splines problem apply to auto boxes as well as manuals? And are there any issues with the auto gearbox that I should be looking for? Cheers for the help.
  16. DRIVESHAFT advice please

    Engine & Gearbox
    So noticed a little clunk clunk coming from the drivers wheel arch when i was driving at the weekend. Thought possible ball joints or bearings?? alot and i mean ALOT of noise this morning on the way to work. Got the Lads next door to put her up on the ramps. The drivers side drive shaft has alot...
  17. Why replace a drive shaft? DMF

    General Van Chat
    Just something that came to me while reading about a poor member stuck in France with poss DMF failure. From reading posts I can see that when the DMF goes can take all sorts of other components with it. Looking at the printed out history of my bus it does not appear to have a DMF / clutch...
  18. Www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk any one had any dealings?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi Am after a driveshaft for my 97 caravelle and was wondering if anyone used this company before? Seem very reasonable. Thought I would check on here before ordering. Does anyone know of a better place etc? Thanks
  19. T5 driver seat (without base) and drive shaft

    Ireland For Sale Forum
    Selling a T5 driver seat, quite good nick, and a T5 drivers side driveshaft (non ABS) 50 quid each. Also free centre caps for 16" steels, one is missing VW sticker.
  20. Noob with a issue

    New T5 Members Forum
    Firstly hi all, hope I've come to the right place!! Newbie T5 owner (1 week) and already having issues!!!. Bought from local dealer and in good condition but over last couple of days have noticed a knocking from front o/s, mainly shows up on speed bumps ( live in a village that is nicknamed...