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  1. Interior
    Recieved them today. Fitted and they're . Same fit as a much cheaper generic seat cover. From the description and and name I was expecting a much tighter fit as advertised. Hopefully I'll get a refund. So my advice get the cheaper (less half price) alternatives.
  2. General Van Chat
    Just heard about a thayng called dubfreeze. Who's going, DUBs? :*I:T:*<:-)>
  3. VW Shows & Events
    Great family show that welcomes ALL VW's whether they be Air or Water, Front or Back, Camper or Car. This show is about relaxing, having fun, see some great vehicles and enjoying ourselves. 10 minutes from Jct 12 of the M40 or 20 from M1/M6 & M69 this is really easy to get to some come along...
  4. VW Shows & Events
    Hi, I picked up info about this from Volksworld, only problem is that I'm working over that weekend. I have two vouchers for buy one cooked breakfast get another free on the RedFunnel ferry from Southampton. There is also some discount through the website for crossings for people going to...
  5. Team Yellow
    Can I join team yellow please :ILU: More pics to follow (full conversion been completed inside) then wheels and paint next, anyone know where I can pick up trim panels for the 'B' post and windows, Just kampers do a complete set but I just need trim panels for the windows and B post etc ??
1-5 of 5 Results