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  1. 240v tv to run from cig lighter?

    Hi, I have a bush LED tv DVD combi from Argos. It runs at 20watts so quiet low and has a 5amp fuse. Voltage needed Ac 100-240v. So question is, whilst I'm driving to my destination can I power the tv somehow from the cig lighter hole? Once at site I'll use mains hookup. I don't have leisure...
  2. MEOS 15.6" TV/DVD player £50

    MEOS TV/DVD 15.6" high definition widescreen. Includes 12V connector and mains adapter, also remote control. Selling because we have rearranged the van interior. It is in excellent condition - very little use since we got it last September (2013) with very good clear images. It will accept...
  3. Meos Flip out DVD - Swap/px

    Swap Shop
    I have a Meos flip out DVD headunit, has bluetooth etc. Im looking to swap/px cash either way for any of the following Passenger swivel base Hob/Sink T4 Airbox Leisure battery / split charge Roof mounted Awning
  4. Headrests Monitors for a T% with duel passenger seat - recomendations please

    Hello everyone, I have 2012 T5 Kombi and I've got some monitors in the headrests at present. However they are a temporary mesaure only as they don't really fit. The headrests are too wide for the dual passenger seat as it fouls the seatbelt cowl in the middle. Does anyone know what brand /...
  5. 12v TV/DVD Combo

    Looking to fit a TV/DVD combo and folding arm in a recess in the rear wall lining on my T4. Anyone know of an online retailer that sells em? Preferably a 13 or 15 inch. Cheers :)
  6. Single Din DVD/Sat Nav Head Units

    Hey guys an gals, I've not long been a shall we say "proper" member of the T4 scene until I picked up a 2001, Lwb two weeks ago! Excited doesn't even cover it! (As I'm sure other owners will testify!) Now, I'm in the forces and currently in Belize... So all research I'm doing is via the trusty...
  7. what entertainment/nav system to go for?

    I have a 06 Caravelle SE and I'd like to pop in a SAT NAV/DVD/CD/ipod player. It not quite a blank cheque affair but I'd rather spend a few quid and get something that does the job well. Oh yeah, it will need to have bluetooth functionalitly and be compatible with the new G3 iphone too. And in...
  8. In Dash DVD player

    Just thought id share this with other people thinking of doing the same thing!:cool: Bought this Eonon DVD/CD/MP3/TV/BlueTooth player off weeBay for £150 brand new. http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/eonon/ Reasonable enough quality, excellent picture & sound and fits VERY nicely in front of T4 with...
  9. In Van Computer

    Been reading on here some of you guys have a tv and dvd in your van. Has anyone considered a EEEtop pc for the van? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Asus-1602-WT-X0010-Intel-1-6GHz-Windows/dp/B001KU81RS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1237651144&sr=8-2 After seeing one and playing around with it...