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  1. 'FUDGING' DVLA!!!

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    I am fuming. Just received a letter of rejection from the DVLA after requesting they change the V5C from panel van to motor caravan as it had already been converted when we bought it but just wasn't registered as such. DVLA admit that internally all the criteria are met but they say that...
  2. DVLA - Closed For Business!! A***h***s!!!

    General T5 Chat
    DVLA get on my t**s! In March I sent off a V5 to inform DVLA of a change of seat numbers. My T5.1 now has 5 seats (3/4 Rock ‘n’ Roll bed fitted). They received the V5 with covering letter and photo’s and signed for them (recorded delivery). Three and a half months later, nothing!! I’m passing my...
  3. DVLA Campervan petition

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, Can everybody please sign this petition. It's important because the DVLA are now refusing to change the V5 documents of vans converted to a Campervan even though evidence is given that they meet the DVLA and GOV.uk guidelines. The reason given is that the exterior does not "look" like a...
  4. DVLA - It’s Not A Camper it’s a Van!

    T5 Conversions
    After many weeks I have just had a letter back from the DVLA refusing my reclassification of my T5 LWB! Some quotes from the letter. “...the vehicle cannot be identified externally as a motor caravan...” “...externally the vehicle remains as it was originally constructed by the manufacturer”...
  5. Rear kitchen pod and changing V5C to motor caravan

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, I'm hoping to start the next phase of my conversion after finishing the electrics, lining out, floor etc - fitting out the interior to meet DVLA regs for changing a panel van to a motor caravan on the V5C. I've noted down all requirements via the gov uk web page, so I'm aware of what's...
  6. Crafter - Re-registration as a motorhome & tax costs

    LT & Crafter
    Hi all, My first post to the forum, I am about to undertake the conversion of a 2011 Crafter Cr35 136 MWB (photos coming very soon!) My main query was how does the registration as a motorhome process with the DVLA work and is there a cost to doing it? Also how does this affect tax and insurance...
  7. Is a Shuttle classed as Minibus or not?

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi all I've just found this forum as I'm looking to buy a 9 (8 passengers) seat VW Transporter Shuttle. I intended to use the van as a family car and to do occasional music heritage tours. I'd charge a fee for the tour which will be an element of driving to sites and walking. It will be done...
  8. Confusing Road Tax Advice

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi All, I've been looking around for clear advice regarding how much (if at all) road tax would change for my 2008 T30 130 2.5 4MOTION if I were to reclassify it as a motor home when I've finished my conversion, but there appears to be a lot of confusion. At the moment it's taxed as a light...
  9. DVLA advice

    General T5 Chat
    Hi guys Advice please. I have bought a brand new T5.1 panel van last november.. Since then, I have put side windows in and a double Kombi seat in the back and removed the bulkhead, I've also put 20" wheels on. Do I need to notify the DVLA or insurance? What are the pros and cons? is it...
  10. DVLA requirements

    General T5 Chat
    Hi. Can anyone tell me the criteria on rock and roll beds regarding changing from van to camper. Dvla require photos. What if your rock and roll bed has got seat belts? Do I have to provide evidence that it's crash tested? Thanks in advance Chris
  11. Seats and bed in back of T5

    Hi guys, I hope someone can help! Im looking at buying a T26 85 Tdi 1.9 Diesel. It has recently had 3 extra seats put in the back professionally M1 tested and a permanent bed put in the back (width of van x approx 5ft). I understand I will have to add the seating capacity with the DVLA which...
  12. Importing a LHD T4 Westfalia 1991

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi, I am a new member and owner of a lovely VW T4 Westfalia California Coach bought in Italy. Since I live in UK I would like to register it here to be able to use it as a recreational vehicle but I do not know much about how to get this sorted. Does anybody know anything? In particular I was...
  13. Help Needed Urgently!!!

    General T5 Chat
    Hoping someone (anyone) can provide some advice with regards insurance for my T5 campervan. After having our T5 converted and registered as a campervan with the DVLA, my dad had an insurance quote for £369. BUT... With me (19 year old) as a name driver on his policy the quote shoots up to...
  14. I own a Motor Caravan... OFFICAL!

    General Van Chat
    !!!!WOO HOO!!!! We now officially own a Motor Caravan!!!! :mw This is what I sent off.... WELL happy... :D
  15. Removable camping stove: legal?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi All, Planning our T5 conversion and am little unsure about our plans for cooking. In our old T2 we had a standard 2-burner plus grill camping stove in it's own purpose-built storage connected with flexible hose to the cylinder underneath. We could use it in situ, but most of the time took it...
  16. The dreaded LEZ (again)

    General Van Chat
    Hi Folks. Love my T4 (2000 plate) which i just use for my windsurf kit and camping in, however i would like to be able to drive in the LEZ as my parents live in twickenham. Having read loads of interesting threads on here i'm just trying to come up with a descision. As i understand it i could...
  17. Registration as 'motorhome' rather than 'panelvan'

    General T4 Chat
    I bought my van already converted and thought it was registered as a camper or 'motorhome' I got the V5C a few days ago and t says it is still as panel van. The conversion meets all the criteria for re-registration except the bed is only 1.6m long rather than the 1.8m required. How strict are...
  18. DVLA Vehiccle change info.

    T4 Conversions
    I found this on a motor home site. Thought it would be handy. DVLA revise their rule change on campervan conversions [last updated 13th September 2011] Up until recently anyone who converted a commercial vehicle to a motorhome or campervan could apply to the DVLA for the 'body type'...
  19. Continuous Insurance Enhancement

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    This from one of my least favourite Sunday rags this morning New regulations have given police the power to seize cars from driveways or garages if owners do not have insurance. They will no longer have to wait to catch someone driving without cover - merely owning a car without having valid...
  20. Dazboi

    General Van Chat
    Hi mate, Ive put this here instead of on a PM just incase anyone else can help. Wondered if you could do me a favour if its possible. Is there anyway you can trace my vans original Reg from its vin number? Its got a private plate on but it means nothing to me. Ive even asked on the forum if...