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eberspacher d2
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  1. T4 Conversions
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the spare connector in the picture below is for? It comes from the heater and seems to be additional to the wiring going to the 801 Controller connector Is it something to do with enabling temperature control from my 801 controller as the heater...
  2. Electrical
    Hi Recently my 801 display has stopped displaying the ambient temperature and just shows H. The heater is a D2. Everything seems to work. I can turn it on and adjust the temperature with the up/down arrow buttons, but the display then goes back to H. Cant find anything on the eberspacher...
  3. T5 Conversions
    Just thinking of getting a diesel heater installed, probably going to get it put under the drivers seat. Done plenty of research, everyone I've seen installed on the net has the plastic shields removed, do they not get put back? Worried about the heater and the van getting covered in mud/water etc.
  4. T4 Conversions
    Hi all, just looking for some advice as to where to fit the D2.:confused: I know theres stuff on here but seems 50/50 as to where to install. I was going to install externally but read things advising against it etc so was going to put under seat.. but I would still prefer to fit it externally...
  5. Vans For Sale
    For sale is my beloved T4 1.9TDi camper. It's completely ready to go, all it needs is some deisel and a new owner! I've owned the van for the past 2 yrs and in 10000 miles since I bought it, its never let me down once. I've never owned a vehical that's had more attention and positive comments...
  6. General Van Chat
    Help please, I have got a used Eberspacher D2 heater and need the fitting instructions to give the guy doing my conversion and fitting it to the van. Can anyone give me a copy or point me in the right direction please. Thanks Ash
  7. Wanted
    I would like to buy 2 Eberspacher 701 timers, preferable for no more than £50 each. thanks!
  8. T4 Conversions
    Hi guys. Problems in finding a place to fit the eberspacher to multi van. Loads of bits under drivers seat. Has anyone fitted in back of van and duct under seat. There seem room there but can't find anyone who have done it. Your help would be good.
  9. T5 Conversions
    Hi having almost completed the budget to my conversion wondering whether or not a night heater Eberspacher/Webasto is really necessary? WHat are your points of view? How often do you actually use it?
  10. General Technical
    Hello, Does anybody know if the Eberspacher D2 when running in continuous mode uses power/juice from the battery or does it power itself once up to speed? Just thinking about camping with it on low blow all night without electric hook up. Ta.
  11. Electrical
    Hi Guys, Just picked up an ex BT eber D2 looks to be in great nick. Just wanted to bench test first as I have a feeling it may not have been used recently. The guy of course said it was working fine 2 weeks ago when he removed it. We have hooked it up to the battery and some diesel. I have a 7...
  12. T4 Conversions
    Hi guys, I need a little help. I need to convince the missus that installing an Eberspacher D2 under the drivers seat is not going to blow up the van!!! I know there's a few guys on here that have done it but when I've approached companies about pricing they've asked about locations and...
  13. T5 Conversions
    Hi everyone. So I have my eberspacher D2 and associated wiring looms extra. What I now need is someone who can fit it for me. I live in Biggin Hill in Kent but work in Hatfield in Hertfordshire and in Bristol at m4/m5 junction. Any recommendations/offers please?? I have a 2004 LWB 1.9 T5...
  14. Electrical
    Hi everyone. So I have my eberspacher D2 and associated wiring looms extra. What I now need is someone who can fit it for me. Any recommendations please?? I have a 2004 LWB 1.9 T5 Thanks David 07834 494969
  15. Electrical
    Hi Guys, I have just bought a new Eberspacher D2 heater T5 kit (P/N E7128) included was the 7-day timer (701 series) for my van, I also bought a remote temperature sensor kit (P/N 8725). There is no info for wiring up the sensor into the existing loom. The sensor has a blue and a brown wire. Can...
  16. T4 Conversions
    I've got a 2003 long-nose T4 and I'm thinking of fitting a Eberspacher D2 under the drivers seat. I'm a little confused after reading bits and pieces on her about connecting up the fuel... My questions: 1. Do I have to drop a line into the tank or can I split the fuel line? 2. Can I access the...
1-16 of 16 Results