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  1. Eberspacher d3w

    T4 Conversions
    OK, I've got a 99 Velle with a Eberspacher d3w water heater under the front wing, which as far as i know is to heat the coolant water upto temp quicker. My question is that can I use the unit on its own to heat the coolant and run my Velle heater fans in the back to heat the van on colder days...
  2. eberspach heaters on caravelle

    General Technical
    Hi all Does anyone know if vw ever fitted eberspach heaters on there caravelle? I have just got my new van and noticed it has a large square looking thing in the engine bay right hand side which has an exhaust exiting under the passenger wheel arch. It has eberspach written on it and diesel...
  3. Ex-AA Handiwash for sale.

    Parts For Sale
    Evening all. I'm starting the stripdown of my ex-AA T4, and the first part to be removed is the Eberspacher Handiwash Unit. It is exactly as removed, and was in working order as far as I know (Only had the van a week, and never used it!). It comes with the mounting bracket, and a waste...
  4. Climatronic on Leisure Battery

    So the Velle surf van project has started properly (build diary to follow). I have a climatronic system with the erberspacher just under the floor behind the driver's seat and the aircon in the rear right corner. I'm thinking it should be possible to wire up the rear climatronic unit to allow me...
  5. Eberspacher Exhaust and Timer for D2

    Need an exhaust for Eberspacher D2 Also may need a timer too. If anyone has one of either of the above, let me know what you want for it Or if you know where I can get them for a decent price. Cheers T:
  6. D3W Z Hydronic Eberspächer

    General Van Chat
    As far as I can work out my factory fitted Eber is designed to only help improve cold start coolant warm up. Does any one know if it can be converted/replaced with one that will give stationary heating as well? Thanks Martin
  7. Help with eberspracher

    Hi guys. As you may have seen elsewhere, I've just bought my first T4. It seems to have an auxiliary heater fitted, but I don't know much about these and certainly don't know how to control it. It doesn't seem to have any controls anywhere in the cabin. We have a severely disabled son who...
  8. Eberspacher fitting

    T4 Conversions
    I've bought an Eber and would like to know where 'you other warm individuals' have fitted yours! I would like to know the pipe lengths, brackets needed, where its situated, power taken from, switch used, etc..... and any peculiarities of your install, to allow me to do two things: 1. fit mine...
  9. help! eberspacher heater fault california?

    So now its cold at night:mad:......My eberspacher heater in my california exclusive has failed this weekend. Initially the control panel recorded an F13 but the fault code is now F12. Ive no idea yet what it means and how i can sort this. My uk translation tell me to look at page 74 to reset...
  10. Independant Heater problems

    General Technical
    Hi folks,has anyone any advise on the independant heater. Mine does not work,in the eighties i owned a VW type 4 Variant which had an Eberspacher heater under the rear floor.Whenever it failed to "light-up" it usualy meant that it had tripped-out at it`s relay.I simply pressed the red button on...
  11. eberspascher heater

    have searched old forum cant find threat on rewiring caravelle heater john wrote wiring diagram anyone know where to find