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electric window windows
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  1. New T5 Members Forum
    Good morning, Basically not a fan of the aftermarket window kits as want factory switches! Iv found all the looks regulators and switches j need I just need to know if my nvm can support the needed upgrade my bcm is 7H0937087H. Can anyone tell me the spec of it and if it would support what I...
  2. What's it worth?
    After much anguish I have decided to sell my 2 owner t5 slate grey lwb 130 ps with vw alloys and electric pack , I was going to kombi it but have decided to buy one that's already done , but what is it worth I've given the good things the bad points are its done 152000miles some vw some...
  3. Electrical
    I have just picked up a T4 with electric windows & mirrors. The passenger side electric window winds up OK, but only winds down about half way. The driver's side works fine. I have done some reading on the forum already which seem to say that it needs resetting and to do this all I need to do is...
1-3 of 3 Results