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electric wiring

  1. Immobilizer fault PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! PART 2

    Still got an Immobilizer fault, managed to find some diagrams on here that will help and FIL a T4 Forum member has sent me a nice link to an Ebay item to bypass it (which I will order if I have no luck), any advice hints, tips of how to bypass etc. would be much appreciated, I plan to start...
  2. Immobiliser fault PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

    Just joined the T4forum site so first hello all, I bought my Van on Tuesday this week after ages looking for one, And now the love affair has begun, until last night when we visited a local camping exhibition upon having purchased a tent for our first weekend in VINNIE (That's his name) we...
  3. Running a 12V line

    General T5 Chat
    Im installing a battery stack and inverter because Im converting my Transporter van into a mobile espresso bar. What is the best way to run a 12V line into the back of the van? (This is to charge from the alternator) Thanks
  4. 12v -240v pros and cons

    I am planning to convert a T4 into a day van/camper. Just considering the electrics. These days you can get just about everying in 12 v. Is there any real need to have 240v in the van at all?
  5. LED side lights

    Customising / Modding
    Another six pence worth for your information. Just fitted (well not completly) WHITE XENON VW TRANSPORTER T5 LED DRL FOG BUMPER LIGHTS ( 130564054352 ) from fleabay. I will be wiring these up to a switch in cab with a '+' from battery. Not decided yet but probably with a relay in engine bay...
  6. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I recently fitted a new clutch to my van and the van became new again it was brilliant. HOWEVER.... now i have a electrical fault, its something to do with my earth cable i think... heres the problem.... if i start the engine and drive along with my lights on, the indicators will be on...
  7. Wiring electrics with zig cf-8, what cable do I need?

    T4 Conversions
    I'm currently in the process of converting my lwb t4, and have a basic idea as to how I want the layout to be, I also know roughly what electrical items I want and where they are going, I just need to know what size cables I need to run in for the 12v side and also for the mains input side, I...
  8. Ignition wire for Kenwood DNX520VBT

    I've just installed a Kenwood DNX520VBT in a 2010 t5 but couldn't work out how/where to attach it to the ignition. In the end we attachedit he red wire to the yellow 12v wire so it would work, but I think I'd like it to turnoff when the ignition is off rather than continuous power. Hope this...
  9. Porsche Tombstone Electrics

    Hi all, I have recently got hold of some sweet Porsche tombstone seats which i will hopefully be fitting at the weekend! :D what i was wondering is does anyone have any experience of installing these with the electrics working? i have had a look and there are two separate terminals underneath...
  10. Help - What wire needed

    Hi all Ive only just got my T4 and the electric window does'nt work, so Ive just had a look and have found, that whoever wired it up did not protect the wires, and overtime the door has chopped them in two. I want to rewire them and feed the cable through the cable protectors. What rating of...